Old City Fire: IT’S ARSON

239 Chestnut Street which burned into a crisp in Old City has an interesting new development: a criminal investigation.

A source close to the building has relayed to Philadelinquency that the ATF has identified a person of interest related to the fire investigation.  Investigators have been reviewing security camera footage around the 200 block of Chestnut Street to ascertain where the suspect was moments prior to the fire.   Police have privately relayed to close residents that the fire was deliberately set.

The historical commercial building which included condo apartments burned early Sunday morning.  The fire consumed nearly all of the apartments above.   At least 9 cats and 4 birds perished in the fire.

At a police-to-community relations meeting held late Wednesday, residents who attended were given a bit more detail about how the fire transpired.   The fire began in the basement underneath the B Side Diner.   From there, it spread laterally from basement to basement and up to the ground floor, racing its way up vents and openings between floors.

Any time there is a suspicious fire in Philadelphia where the circumstances are peculiar, the ATF is called.  Fire inspectors examining the structures could not pin down any fault with maintenance of the buildings to be the root cause of the fire.

L&I has also announced today that they will now take measures to protect the building facades affected by the fire in hopes that they can be redeveloped.

A Lesson On Being Woke

Sometimes you just sound stupid.


You know, I stared at this for about five minutes wondering whether I should anonymize these names.   But since this is open to the world on Facebook and was a real conversation about the etymology of the word history, I think not anonymizing it in some way heals me from the cringe I had reading it.

It’s not that I take issue with no one bothering to check etymologies of words.  Far from it.

It’s that this type of interaction is the echo-effect of “thot”.   No, not t-h-o-t as in “that ho over there”, but T-H-O-T, as in: it’s meant to be the word thought but it’s missing the required letters.  Because it’s “brainless af”.

I get woke people (aka “socially conscious”) climbing up my responses all the time; wondering “what happened to Philadelinquency?”  The honest-to-God answer is that I’m really tired of Dumb Progressivism.   The kind that doesn’t take much thought to execute, only thot.   This used to be amusing back when gender studies students from Penn and Swarthmore were primarily the ones driving the bus; with their lunacy safely contained to their friend farms.

Today in urbanism there’s no shortage of “woke” people who get into urbanism with the only one goal:  to disrupt and stop everything.   A “Woke NIMBYism” if you will.   It’s also a portion of the reason why I reject the idea of Amazon HQ2 coming to Philadelphia.   Not only will it not do a thing for working-class people of color; it will import trainloads of more dumb progressivism into the city; the kind none of us need.   The kind where overpaid white people try to hog space and use their white voices to speak over other races who are capable of voicing their opinions on their own.

Philadelphia is a place where people of color fought and gained their right to speak out, to get noticed, to take control and ultimately: gain power.  No one needed nor required Dumb Progressivism to score any of those achievements.

And when nobody asked white people to be a bullhorn for people of color (psst: nobody’s asking you to do that now, either).   And of course: they can’t see these optics; and when you call them out on it they double-down.  Every time.

I really don’t want a city that has just as much blight as before but with tons of more “woke” people who don’t do anything but see past it all and concentrate most of their thinking energy on crap like this; where caring is the only thing that matters; not doing.

Oh, speaking of which… the word person is now problematic according to some stupids because it has the word SON in it.   I saw a Penn graduate proffering that idea yesterday.   🙄☕

RIP: Robert Brady – King of the Philadelphia Democratic Political Machine

With a flash meeting called at DCC headquarters at Spring Garden, key Philadelphia ward leaders were given the news:   Congressman Bob Brady will no longer seek office.   The immediate effect:  Brady’s political career is winding to a close.  And with that will soon come his job as chief cat-herder of Philadelphia’s Democrat establishment.

There is a strong expectation that Brady will soon be named in an indictment that has already resulted in a guilty plea from former Municipal Court judge Jimmy Moore.   Moore admitted to a payment arrangement and lying on campaign finance reports where he received over $70,000 in compensation from Brady in exchange for dropping out of a Democratic primary challenge.   In addition to this, Federal prosecutors are currently pursuing charges against two other close Brady aides.   Brady paid Judge Moore to drop out given that Brady has had a record of skepticism and fear about African-American candidates vying for his position as a US House rep for Pennsylvania’s first congressional district.

Most millennialkin in Philadelphia have absolutely no clue how much their closest friends in local government have had their lives and careers controlled from the party boss.   As head of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee, Brady leads and directs the city’s Democratic ward leaders.

Ward leaders in turn manage the local party’s GOTV efforts and distribute pay… and payola… to elected volunteers known as ward committee people, or “committee-people” for short.   This system ensures that no one rises in Democratic politics without going through the ward system.  In turn the ward system exploits the aspects of having full control over the City government.   In the bad old days this meant ward leaders would directly hand out civil service jobs, also known as patronage.  Nearly every City Council person who serves is a product of the city’s ward system and must have the full support of the wards in their district in order to have a shot at getting volunteers and access to residents.

The Closed Loop of Control is Gone

Social media has had an interesting effect on the city’s political system.   It has allowed direct criticism to be levied at the lower rungs of Philadelphia’s politics; in particular the ward leaders.   In years past this part of local politics was mostly ignored save for brief mentions in flash news about a more visible local corrupt politician who got intro trouble and how various ward leaders were involved.

Ascendant progressives looking to get into City government have had direct resistance in the form of the city’s ward system and the overarching protectionism coming from Bob Brady.

With Brady’s ability to control most of the party’s hotheaded and aspirational ward leaders already gone; it’s is expected that there will be a lot of folks both visible and invisible vying for control over the city’s political machine.

How long Brady remains is a mystery only Brady knows the answer to.   But Brady’s magical consensus abilities have already eroded, starting with the debacle over the 197th state representative special election and a current struggle between building trades union loyalists and upstart progressives.   In the 197th District special election, Brady lent endorsement to a replacement candidate who lives in Bucks County—far away from the Hispanic neighborhood of Feltonville.   Once Republicans challenged the party’s nomination, a cat fight ensued in front of Brady where upset committeepeople were locked out of DCC party headquarters while Brady selected a replacement ward leader who worked at the Parking Authority as a substitute.   The chaos ultimately left the Democratic City Committee without a named candidate on the ballot and a scramble ensued to issue stamps and cajole Spanish-speaking voters to the polls, informing them that the machines were broken and that they need to vote as a write-in using a stamper.

And I’ll make one easy prediction here:  the word “unity” will come up a lot at internal gatherings and discussion while this struggle takes place.   I don’t expect this to be the death of Philadelphia’s long-running political machine; which has strangulated this place for too long.

Instead, I think Democratic ladder-climbers at the low-rungs of the party will attempt to sell the idea that Philadelphia’s political machine never existed and will repackage the machine itself as “unity”, and for good measure invoke the Trump boogeyman as a distraction while they battle it out in the Brady vacuum.

Meanwhile we will get more of the same types of people looking to build political fiefdoms out of the city’s neighborhoods and ignoring the great and the good and instead settling for mediocre people because friendships, family and loyalty are more important in Philadelphia’s political system than good people.

There are certainly good Democrats out there with good ideas for the city–but right behind Bob Brady stands a lot of people who have been waiting for “their time” participating in the this city’s political machine hoping to get morsels of spoil from it.  They will be a massive impediment to progress.

Attn Local Bored Marxist-Communists – I Have a Task For You

Since we’re a dark blue county and there’s hardly any Nazis here, it leaves our local Nazi-fighters with very little to do.

Meanwhile, there is this:

He’s running for Congress over in Wisconsin. And he’s a real Nazi. Like—an actual, living, breathing real Nazi.


I’m pretty sure Paul’s “America First” has a lot less to do with international trade imbalances and a lot more with this:


No… this isn’t some little Ren-Fair LARP bullshit like most of the Nazi hype from 2017; this one is a verified dude running for Congress who also happens to have a verified Twitter account. An account that Twitter appears fine with. That happens to spend a great deal of its time finger pointing all sorts of problems at the hands of Jews.

So—what you can do all the way here in Philadelphia?

If you can’t even be bothered to bitch at Twitter corporate for letting this guy stay on their platform–then you’re a Nazi enabler and sympathizer; there’s just no excuse there.

First off:  get this moron off Twitter. Head on over to his timeline and start reporting all of his posts.  And complain to @support on Twitter. And basically call out Twitter’s hypocritical bullshit about it wanting to cleanse its platforms of directed hate. If you can’t even be bothered to bitch at Twitter corporate for letting this guy stay on their platform–then you’re a Nazi enabler and sympathizer; there’s just no excuse there.

Now… is this Nazi dude have a shot in hell at winning an election?

Well, he’s running against Paul Ryan, the current speaker of the House of Representatives.  So it’s probably unlikely.  However if there’s a bunch of Nazi sympathizers in Wisconsin–we might be doomed.



(p.s. I have Paul’s home address. Here’s his campaign forms from when he ran against Ryan the last time.)

ENOUGH: Baltimore Fires Its Police Commissioner Due To Skyrocking Homicide Rate

It appears Charm City’s love affair with soft-on-crime is over

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has decided to fire Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.   You might remember Baltimore for the protests and rioting surrounding the death of Freddie Gray, a heroin dealer who died in the back of a police transport van.

With arms crossed and a frumpy face–characteristic of Pugh–she cited the out of control escalation in violence that has come to dominate all political conversation in the city of Baltimore.   The city ended last year with 343 homicides–a record for a city of only 600,000 people.

Mayor Pugh has also announced other step-ups in police presence, including the tactics of swarming and swamping violent neighborhoods with police in hopes to clamp down on violence.   All are tactics reminiscent of Philadelphia’s attempts to control escalating violence in the mid aughts, which eventually led to the implementation of stop and frisk.

It wasn’t that long ago that Baltimore residents enthusiastically installed Marylin Mosby as Baltimore’s top prosecutor.  A self-styled progressive, Mosby tried and then failed to convict Balitmore city police officers who handled Freddie Gray.    Since that time, crime has exploded.   Deep distrust in police has nearly neutralized community outreach efforts.   The despair has even led to revitalization efforts outside the downtown core slowing down and outer neighborhoods are seeing continued unabated blight.

It’s clear from Mayor Pugh’s firing of the police chief that there is a motivation to think about crime and policing differently.


Yeah, nuh uh.

Today is one of those days where I need to climb over the Inquirer‘s paywall for you.   This concerns a future massive tax hike coming down the road that is gonna hit somebody.  And that somebody is likely to be you.

First, the high points:

  • City Council and the mayor think next year’s SDP deficit is $103MM, and likely to be $1 billion dollars over five years–and that they need to cover that.   By “they”, we’re talking about the City finding the money.
  • Council President Darrell Clarke nor Mayor Kenney will say where they’re going to get the money.
  • The SRC has already opted to disband—so the City is going to run the school district again no matter what.  It is a responsibility it hasn’t done since 2000 when the School District of Philadelphia slid into bankruptcy.

The Kenney Administration has already been putting out feelers on (yet another) property tax hike–the most obvious go-to, but it and Council are both being dodgy whether it will commit to that, or for how much.

I’ve lived in Philadelphia long enough to know exactly how property tax hikes go down:

If any of the previous (five!) property tax hikes that occurred under former mayor Michael Nutter are any clue, a property tax hike would likely be proposed right at the end of the spring.  Then, it will mysteriously slip into the final budget plans right before City Council goes on summer recess.   Some department head for the mayor will finally answer a question from a City Council member during the annual budget hearings and only then do we get to learn what pain we have in store for ourselves.

Pennsylvanians statewide did vote in a referendum last year to allow municipalities to sever the linkage between commercial and residential property tax rates; mostly by allowing residential properties to take a steep discount.   Whether City Council’s intent is to take advantage of this is also unknown.

As far as the soda and cigarette taxes—they aren’t doing shit for the gaping SDP deficit, a budget hole which climbs at an asymptotic rate.

Another depressing point: neither City Council nor the mayor are really all that concerned about waste in the SDP budget; so don’t expect that deficit estimate to climb down.

The RACISM Of Democratic Map Making In One Picture

So the GOP won its case to keep the current congressional maps

It’s not exactly a victory for anyone, let alone ordinary people.
But one thing is not disputed. We have Congressional districts drawn along racial lines.  And both parties in Pennsylvania have a long and sordid history of altering the lines of jurisdiction based on the skin tones of the folks who fall on one side of that line or the other.
Let’s examine this map of the PA-1 Congressional district, which represents Philadelphia’s River Wards and over the years has increasingly added more and more residents from Delaware County.
This is Congressman Bob Brady‘s congressional district.   The reason for each change in its shape is simple:  it grew arms and legs and hugs the Delaware River to kick out as many black people as possible from it.
It’s also no surprise that Congressman Brady is currently under an FBI probe in his involvement in kicking out a black challenger to his congressional seat, by paying him off.
Incidentally, this person also happens to be the leader of the Democratic City Committee and the region’s top Democrat. Few people like to discuss this in-depth or dwell on it.
Should Republicans have heeded Bob Brady’s requests over the last 30 years to keep black people out of his district so he would face weak challengers? I argue they shouldn’t have. But by granting Brady’s requests to make his seat safer for himself, that usually comes with some strings attached (i.e. not challenging the borders of other districts).
This is different than just Republican vs. Democrat map-drawing. The PA-1 district has never in 40 years ever been at risk of falling into the hands of Republicans no matter what way the map is drawn.
It’s been gerrymandered to protect one person’s career.
Democrats could have fixed this themselves. And in 2 years time they can unfuckify this seat on their own by requesting it be a compact district.

VOTE: Do You Think DA Krasner Has FREE MUMIA On His Agenda?

A number of key Krasner supporters have been chanting FREE MUMIA for a really long time.   Now could be their chance to actually set him free.   I wonder if reopening Mumia Abu-Jamal’s file is on Krasner’s hidden, unspoken agenda.

Do you think DA Larry Krasner Will Set cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal free?

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DA Diversity Cattle

So there’s this interesting message from defense lawyer-now-turned-DA-sycophant Michael Coard about a new hire in the District Attorney’s Office.

What is interesting about it to me isn’t what Coard’s words are, but what he’s saying.

It’s a token diversity hire announcement post, while not done in the same way that a white person from HR would do it–it’s done with the exact same level of self ingratiation.   All with the same feeling of “look at this prized heifer we got at the auction!” that any other human resources diversity announcement that pats one’s self on the back does.

Notice how Coard does not mention anything about Movita Harrell‘s accomplishments and what skills she has that make her a perfect fit for the job.

It’s interesting watching Michael Coard turning white before our eyes.

National Association for Women Calls for PA Senator Daylin Leach to Resign

Yeah, we have some shitty people in Harrisburg

What else is new?  Oh yes… some of them can’t keep their hands off skirts.   The latest is PA Senator Daylin Leach who represents part of MontCo.

And N.O.W., to the statement…

The Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) is calling for both Senator Daylin Leach and Representative Thomas Caltagirone to step down from their elected positions immediately. The fact that both elected officials continue to work and be paid by the citizens of Pennsylvania while these allegations remain unresolved is both unacceptable and sickening. Why have no actions been taken? Why is nothing being done? Weeks have passed and these public servants are still reporting to their elected positions advocating for the people of this state – for the women of this state – for the populations of people they are not fit to serve.

If these perpetrators of sexual harassment and misconduct are hoping that their inappropriate behaviors and lack of remorse will be hidden under the holiday season, they are incredibly wrong. Removing these two men and their legacies of abusing the power their elected positions bestowed upon them will be an incredibly fitting start to the New Year 2018 – the New Year of the Woman.

Senator Leach, there is a distinct difference between being a champion on paper for women and being a true ally to women, and your behaviors have exposed your career and leadership on important policy issues to be fraudulent and not in accordance to your actual negative biases and disgusting behaviors towards women. We are incredibly thankful to the women that bravely stepped forward and shined a light on your true character that no amount of campaigning and catchy slogans can further disguise.

Representative Caltagirone, your citizens do not pay taxes to pay for your sexual misconduct. We also find it horribly ironic that you “will not engage in victim blaming” when asked for additional information about the claims against you, but you engaged in sexual harassment both verbal and physical that resulted in a quarter million dollar settlement to one of your former employees. Your rehearsed answers sound like a guilty man advised not to further incriminate himself.

Behavior that these representatives committed cannot be tolerated or ignored or minimized to satisfy some political agenda. The Democratic Party must take a zero tolerance stance against sexual misconduct if they hope to succeed in following years. That is the solution – not standing in silence fearful of the criticisms.

Former President of Philadelphia’s NOW chapter and current candidate for the 1st Congressional district, Nina Ahmad has stated: “The revelation that female staffers were afraid to bring on additional female staff is particularly chilling, and an example of how sexual harassment and sexism undermine women economically”.

Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky echoed this concern: “The conspiracy of silence that protects harassers and abusers in the state Capitol while leaving victims economically and professionally violated and isolated must end, now.”  

Senator Leach and Representative Caltagirone, resign immediately. You are not fit for the post.

The National Organization for Women started as a safe space for women to gather and begin to gain some power and equity in both private and public lives.  NOW strives to be more welcoming and more stalwart with each day, and at this moment would like to extend an invitation to any women looking for refuge from this predatory and degrading behavior.  We believe you, we support you, and we are calling for system-wide change.

The “All I Want For Christmas Is White Genocide” Guy Got Fired

And it’s about Goddamned Time

The Master-race Edgy Shitlord Of Twitter, otherwise known as former Drexel professor George Ciccariello-Maher can go be an adjunct at some remote artisinal college, or at Swarthmore, where he’ll be happy and the alumni association doesn’t care if he chases away prospective students.

Something Died in Alabama Last Night

The Social Conservative movement has finally reached its end.

The Social Conservative movement has finally reached its end

A political movement formed when I was a child in the late 1970s and took root in politics and swept the nation: social conservatism. That died in Alabama last night. Once and for all.

Social Conservatism is rooted in the belief that our country’s future rests in the Nuclear Family. Hearth and home. Mom and apple pie. That is its rosiest description and it was the description first used long before family values became a coined term in the mid 1980s.

Social conservatives first appeared in the wake of the Equal Rights Amendment and gay civil rights movement. The crystallizing moment that remains to this day the largest gripe of social conservatives: Roe v. Wade.

The 1970s radicalized many evangelical Christians to get involved in politics. They organized networks and sent snail mail chain letters to each other, much as the Womens Christian Temperance movement did leading up to their achievement: Prohibition. The keystone of social conservatives was the baptist minister, who preached for a return to morality from the pulpit and provided a sense of direction for religious conservatives who felt America had gone too far in terms of radical social change.

The 1980s became a golden decade for social conservatives as they swept into office. Victories led media pundits to term the Appalachias and the South as the Bible Belt. And ever since SoCons have been in politics, both social conservative politicians and other politicians who want to pander to SoCons have dangled one piece of abortion legislation after another one, in hopes to attract votes.

And when it’s not about abortion it’s about school prayer, or gay marriage, or like today: trans bathrooms.

How the Moore rejection was a referendum on social conservatism

I’ve been saying for a while now that social conservatism is on its way out of American politics. A simple fact of that is that it’s completely normal to be LGBT and Republican–even if your left-leaning friends will reject you on Facebook.

But Roy Moore’s spectacular defeat is all the proof you ever need that SoCons are about to spend many long cold decades in the back of the bus.

Few other states in America have has many self-professed evangelical Christian people the way Alabama does. It’s a major part of its outward-facing identity, including for most Alabama Democrats.  They dominate the entire state.

Evangelical voters in Alabama were faced with a strange dilemma; if you fear God so much, why are you being forced to vote for a pedophile in order to protect Family Values virtues? That’s insane.

Roy Moore sent out every social conservative signal he could: he questioned whether gays should be jailed. He promised to end abortion once and for all throughout his entire political career. Even after his defeat last night, he said he needed to ‘consult God’ as he awaits a phantom amount of military votes to come in before conceding defeat.

Alabamans sent Roy Moore to the Supreme Court of Alabama not once, but twice. He was removed from the bench for defying a Federal court order to remove a marble monument of the Ten Commandments he had installed outside the Alabama state court building. He was removed from the bench a second time by his own peers for insubordination over defying the Obergefell decision, legalizing same-sex marriage across the land.

You cannot invent someone who is more socially conservative than Roy Moore.

Roy Moore’s own conservative audience got rid of him. The election hinged on the city of Mobile, which had voted for Donald Trump and a slew of Republicans in prior elections. The oil & gas town flipped and sent Roy Moore packing.

Will there be more Bible-thumping social conservatives with aspirations for political office popping their heads up? Of course. There will never be a shortage of people who want to mix their religious inspiration into their political belief structure.

I expect the Republican Party will now work to actively undercut any future SoCons who turn up in primary elections after the Moore defeat.

Voters have had enough of the Moral Majority nationwide. If you can’t Moral Majority your way to victory in Alabama, you can’t do it anywhere in this country.

Pennsylvania has its own reckoning to deal with

For LGBT people in particular this is more than just a victory. The defeat of social conservatism removes a political roadblock to getting the final piece of legislation done for gay civil rights: anti-LGBT discrimination.

Pennsylvania is choc full of social conservatism pandering. Just yesterday the Pennsylvania Senate pushed through an abortion bill meant to pander to SoCons.

And then there is PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, who is a colossal embarrassment to Republicans everywhere. He is up for re-election soon. Hopefully a more sensible Republican will primary Daryl Metcalfe in deep-red Butler County and remove the last roadblock to getting the last package of gay civil rights legislation that we need passed in Harrisburg.

Avoiding Family for Thanksgiving Because of Politics

On the busiest travel day of the year airports have become less of a chaotic mess

Current airport delays (FAA)

Today is usually the day of the year when a lot of people living in Philadelphia depart the liberal paradise of the city and head back to their parents homes; often located in Trumpland.  Given that Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump, this makes just-about everywhere in the state beyond the city limits “Trump Country”.

Several PHL employees that I chatted with this morning have noticed a less-busy airport than last year.  Two employees at American Airlines I spoke with online in Dallas and PHL both mentioned the slowdown.  “Feels like Christmas,” an agent at the PHL airport observed, referring to the 2nd-busiest travel holiday of the year.

Could it be that more folks than ever are willing to stay in-town and avoid that Trump-loving uncle of theirs for the requisite 2 hours of “socializing” at Thanksgiving?

Shooty-Stabby Philly Nightclub Driving Up Homicide Count

There’s been yet another homicide down at the A Lounge, the nightclub where people go to die.

From FOX29…

Pablo Rivera was gunned down outside the late-night, weekends-only BYOB lounge around 4:00 a.m. Sunday, after an argument with another man.

Police say a club security guard shot and wounded Rivera’s killer and that another person was also injured by gunfire.

“I don’t even understand why this place is even open,” said Pichardo of the club. “How many more lives have to be taken, from the A Lounge?”

Homicides on Macalester Sreet since 2014

What’s unusual about this particular block of Feltonville is that there are no residents on it.  It’s mostly all commercial businesses that all shut after 6PM save for the A Lounge.   This summer a concealed-carry permit holder shot and killed an attacker off Whitaker Avenue, less than a quarter-mile from the 25th District police station.

The nuisance club has had a long string of shootings in addition to the three fatal ones that locals now call the place “Club Death”.

While not being near residents is a blessing, it’s the very lack of residents near the club that contributes to it being overlooked–except for the unsurprising live TV shots of bodybags being loaded into ambulance trucks.   In areas where nuisance bars and nightclubs open near residents usually the district councilperson or L&I can to trip the business up for any small mistakes in its permits in order to shut it down, at least for a short time.

But here?   The place is pretty much a shooting gallery.

The property is 4234-42 MacAlester St owned by Glorimar DeJesus.