When Progressives Hate LGBT People and Jews: Farrakhan’s Newest Followers

I guess the leaders of the Women’s March hate the Jewish people now

The only controversial things I am going to say in this post are controversial to the dumbest people that God ever created.   And those people happen to be the most devout followers of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation Of Islam.

Farrakhan also happens to be getting old and he’s in search of a new generation to adopt and co-opt his church of crazy; to continue warping more minds for future generations to come.

So it’s really interesting how all of the leaders of Women’s March have come into Farrakhan’s orbit.

Tamika Mallory is one of the leaders of Women’s March and apparently both her and Linda Sarsour have developed this very strange daddy-complex for the extremist leader.  And it’s not just those two.  Every single top leader of Women’s March has fawned over him.

It led Beri Weiss at the New York Times to pen “When Progressives Embrace Hate,” documenting the strange fascination for the anti-homosexual, anti-feminist and anti-Semitic king of all hoteps who just recently at a congress of Nation of Islam once again denounced Jews.  Not Israelis.  All people who have any sort of attachment to the Jewish faith.

And this isn’t anything new.  This is the Louis Farrakhan that I’ve known since my childhood in the 1980s.  He rips into Jewish people once a year at his annual conference like renewing a wedding vow.

It strikes me so odd, not just reprehensible but just plain odd—that young liberal activists have no problem with Farrakhan-worship amongst their ranks.   Everyone who is age 38 and older has known how nuts Farrakhan is all of our lives.   But perhaps you are just too young or naïve, or both, to recognize any of that.   I find it weird though how Farrakhan’s homophobery and anti-Semitism is often met with silence; yet some of these same folk can pick out David Duke or Richard Spencer in a crowd.   Apparently wishing death to American Jews and gay people is OK so long as you do it with the right identity?   This makes no sense.

Farrakhan is toxic waste

Louis Farrakhan is toxic waste.  He has nothing to contribute or teach humanity.  For whatever virtues he might have teaching self-worth, black liberation, traditional family life, renewing marital vows, rearing children… it’s long been overshadowed and outmoded by his crazy and demented bullshit.

Farrakhan also has a large following.   But it’s entirely comprised of hoteps.   He capitalized on Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X to build a base that many urban activists and politicos want to talk to, and want to cater to.   But to draw yourself into Louis Farrakhan’s orbit is to play with fire.   If you’re caught in regular attendance at his sermons, then you must have a problem with Jews.   Gay people must frighten you and they ought to not exist.    And perhaps you also think Farrakhan, who sees himself above a prophet–must have gotten divine inspiration from the people he met on the UFO he stepped on into down in Georgia.

That is the orbit all the leaders of Women’s March have put themselves in.    By doing it they are turning Women’s March into a joke.

Think of people of color who are near you who are gay, lesbian or trans and are stuck with family members or one or both parents who not just are in the Nation of Islam, but their family members are indoctrinated into this nightmare of homophobia and anti-Semitism and subscribe to it.   Think of what they have had to go through and continue to endure.   It’s one of Philadelphia’s most darkest LGBT secrets.   Very few people can talk about it; and there are plenty of people of color who live in Philadelphia who feel forced to suppress their gay identity not because the broader society is not accepting of them so much as they have loved ones, their own family members, who are as intolerant as hell.

Minister Farrakhan keeps the logs burning of gay hatred and suspicion within the black community; and by extension–our own.   This is only compounded with the injuries from our own Gayborhood, which venues like iCandy that has an owner who abhors blackness.

You cannot call yourself a progressive, or a liberal, and be silent on crap like this or condone it.


So for all the millenials who still have no clue what Farrakhan is all about; here’s a link-basket you can surf through on your phone:

Farrakhan Claims Ebola is Designed to Kill Black People

Farrakhan Blames the Jews for 9/11

While we’re on 9/11, he also called it a false flag operation.

Not a shocker, Farrakhan denounced Obama’s pivot on gay marriage; then spent one month attacking President Obama (while in office) from the pulpit.

And of course there’s the most famous sermon from his youth; the sermon that put him on the map and scored him interviews for all the national television networks… where he LITERALLY PRAISED HITLER:

Here’s Louis Farrakhan on Feminism:

I will leave it to you as an exercise for the reader to Google what Farrakhan had to say about himself and UFOs and “The Great Wheel in the Sky”.


So please for the love of God: stay the hell away from Louis Farrakhan.   There is nothing this man can give you–be it votes, money, inspiration or volunteers; that you can’t find for yourself or within yourself.   Do better.   Leave this nightmare from the past where it belongs—in the past.

DA Larry Krasner Drops Charges Against the ANTIFA Teacher

Because of course he does

John E. Sheerin, 63, a former Philadelphia public school teacher was arrested last year for threatening police officers during protests sparked by social media posts from Councilwoman Helen Gym demanding a statue of former Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo to be removed.   That episode was captured on video by Inquirer reporter Helen Urbiñas.

John Sheerin (Philadelphia Police)

In a move that comes as a complete surprise to nobody, the DA’s office has quietly withdrawn the charges of terroristic threats and harassment.

How was that achieved, you ask?

Easy.   A series of interesting delays occurred that punted the scheduled trial date out, which was scheduled for January after a series of other delays.   Getting a delayed date would ensure that a DA’s office under the assertive control of Krasner would be handling it.

And like magic the “new-and-improved” DA sees no reason to bring a trial with video evidence before a court for it to decide.

Chris Sheerin (Facebook)
Chris Sheerin (Facebook)

Things were not so lucky for Sheerin’s son, Christopher Sheerin.  He was arrested earlier that same year for assault–also captured on video–during a Trump tax protest.   He worked a deal with prosecutors and was given ARD probation with a goal of clearing his criminal record.

Too Little, Too Late

Get used to disappointing news about Philly Police

The Washington Post ran this slide deck of P/O Cyrus Mann highlighting the frustrating paradox the City has put itself in by being unable to get rid of police officers who are a liability on the Police Department and on taxpayer funds with civil court settlements for wrongdoing.

The verdict?  The shitty police arbitration contract is to blame.

Who is ultimately responsible for the language in this contract?   Mayor Jim Kenney.

Don’t look for the DA to fix this

A common misconception with many of you is that the upcoming District Attorney race next month will have some sort of platform or mechanism for dealing with bad police officers.   That’s not happening.

First off: the District Attorney of Philadelphia is an independent state officer.   In the grand scheme of things the district attorney is a state agency.  The DA’s office is an office full of lawyers that represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   Locals have some belief that the DA answers to the mayor or City Council or is in charge of the police somehow.   The DA is subservient only to City Council during one point out of the year:  when the City determines how much of its budget is to be turned over to the DA’s office to run it.  The rest of the time it sits alone.

The Police Department sits directly underneath the mayor.   To achieve the level of impotence we have, the City has agreed for decades not to touch any cop outside specific exemptions set forth in the discipline section of the police arbitration contract.   These exemptions cover basic employee behavior, such as passing random drug screenings, reporting sick time, and specific police procedures that must be followed to avoid termination.

Absent from the contract terms are basic ethics and core conduct requirements.  For instance: it’s perfectly OK for a Philadelphia Police officer to scream n*gger at any random individual on the street.   Or to have sex in a police cruiser.  These aren’t punishable offenses that the District Attorney’s office can do much about.  It can only take cases to prosecution that are actually prosecutable.  Is it a bit iffy if the law was broken?  Not worth the DA’s time, then.

More often than not; juries tend to trust and acquit police officers in areas where crime is a top concern and in urban jurisdictions indicted cops have a habit of forgoing jury trials for a judge instead.

While public pressure may mount to indict police officers involved in high profile shooting incidents, it often results in failed prosecutions; such as the case with Freddie Gray where the Baltimore DA literally had nothing to prosecute and Philando Castile where the videotape evidence was damning.

And then there’s the obvious: indicted cops are always represented by the region’s top defense lawyers–the same ones who represent local celebs and high dollar drug kingpens.  The Philadelphia FBI field office has more resources and has had more success going after corrupt Philadelphia cops and it has a distinct advantage: Philadelphians cannot elect any of the judges who serve in Federal court where the feds bring their cases.

Even the sole option available has its flaws

There is one mechanism the District Attorney has to control out-of-control police officers:  refuse to bring criminal cases to trial involving officers that it has found to be problematic.

This isn’t a new idea, either.   In rare circumstances the public gets to learn which cops are on the DA’s shit list whenever the DA decides to release the memos it sends to the Philadelphia police chief detailing names it no longer wants to see on a PARS report or as witnesses.  When defense attorneys hear about the names it sets off a stampede to research which cops testified at which trials.  Ultimately laser toner is running dry at the City printing out settlement checks.

But even this technique has its flaws.   It doesn’t touch cops who are ethical nightmares but stop short of committing actual crimes the DAO can act upon.  Some of the cops who do win back their jobs after beating off a prosecution are still banned from ever testifying at trials, but they still mark time towards a pension anyway.

“Honor, Integrity” starts with ourselves

The police arbitration contract is ultimately where honor and integrity are going to actually have any meaning.   The only way that can happen is when intense pressure is put upon City Council and the Mayor to fix the arbitration contract to tie ethical integrity rules directly to police officer paychecks.

Police love to think of themselves as a paramilitary organization.   No bad cop on the Philadelphia Police payroll would like their job tied to UCMJ-style rules, particularly any rule that would sever a police officer for being a complete disgrace to the uniform.

So what’s the hold up, then?

The biggest impediment to reforming our police contract is that we are lazy.  We are not applying real pressure to City Council and the Mayor to fix this, by threatening to elect ousters who will look at the police contract with more scrutiny.

Philadelphians are quite accepting of the fucked-up world they live in, as much as they bitch about it.  Some think that the recent nomination of Larry Krasner as a candidate for District Attorney will magically fix everything.   While some can take some sense of comfort that Krasner will prosecute fewer drug dealers and rapists, that doesn’t change the picture with rogue cops.   Even if Krasner spends more of the office’s budget investigating police officers, he will be despirited as other DAs in the past with failed prosecutions and bad apples returning to the police force because of the contract the mayor signed.

Another reason:  our activists are stupid.   There wasn’t a single activist around in the DelVal to give Mayor Kenney pressure before inking a new deal with the Fraternal Order of Police.   It means there is three solid years of nothing-will-get-done ahead of us.   All the protesting, bitching and screaming in the world is not going to change any of those facts.  While protestors can certainly make life a little unpleasant they’re not going to get anywhere.   There is no leverage to exploit with any politicians in office.

The FOP really has nothing to worry about other than a Federal judge stepping in with a court decree.   We are no stranger to those.  The City is bound by several court decrees: one for the stop-and-frisk policy from the Nutter administration that forces PPD to keep detailed records on random stops, another decree the City agreed to places limits on civil asset forfeitures and for 20 years the City has faced Federal court pressure on its prison population size.

Philadelphians could direct their attention to City Council races and apply pressure there and also threaten to make Kenney a 1-term mayor, but I don’t think The People are that savvy.

People might care about police misconduct; but they don’t care that much.


Photo:  Former Philadelphia Police Officer Perry Betts, who was acquitted in a Narcotics Squad corruption scandal, was rehired by Philadelphia Police, only to be fired again a day later for failing a random drug test.

SDP Teacher Arrested for Terroristic Threats Promises To Disrupt Police Chief Conference

John Sheerin, an SDP teacher who was arrested for making terroristic threats in relation to a protest concerning the statue of former Philly mayor and police chief Frank Rizzo has posted this promise to bring disruptive action to an upcoming International Association of Chiefs of Police conference and exhibition that is due to take place in Philly in late October.

From the IACP website

Sheerin has appeared lately at several protests involving the Philadelphia chapter of Black Lives Matter, which is primarily the work of activist Asa Khalif, including a disruption last Thursday’s session of  Philadelphia City Council and a protest in front of the home of Philadelphia police officer Ryan Pownall, who is presently under an investigation for the police shooting of David Jones.

John Sheerin (Philadelphia Police)

Why This #BlackLivesMatter Video Is Still Funny af

I don’t know about you but I am still getting laughs out of this video from last month where Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif completely destroyed one of the few joys Councilcritters still have: ribbon cuttings.   Three minutes in, Councilman Bobby Henon gives up his ribbon cutting press conference for a new bridge in Pennypack Park then starts blowing bubbles and going “wee!”.

Khalif has been specifically targeting press conferences of city officials and going after the official hosting the pressers directly.   The reason: elected officials, in particular members of city council, have done little for police reform.

Protesting Henon comes with an added bonus:  Henon is still listed as a board member of IBEW98, the electrical worker’s union.

It’s long been an established fact all of the building trades unions in Philadelphia are a majority white, male and suburban-resident membership, with the Laborer’s local being the only exception.  For IBEW98 in particular, way more than half the membership lives outside Philadelphia County, primarily in New Jersey.

One of the largest pushers of our city’s Soda Tax legislation was none other than IBEW98 business manager John (“Johnny Doc”) Dougherty.   That funding is going towards Rebuild, the city program meant to rehabilitate libraries and rec centers across the city.

Philadelphia tradition dictates that IBEW98 is going to make off like a bandit with the work.  Which will be going to a white male suburbanite workforce, out of the pockets of black and brown people who are paying the soda tax.

Is This A New Anti-Trump Protest Tactic? (NSFW!!!!)


There was a protest today down at the DA’s office over the shooting of David Jones.  As that protest was winding down, this guy came out of nowhere and this happened…


h/t Joshua Scott Albert

Another Twitter user enhanced the video, because everything is better when set to the Rocky soundtrack…