When White Progressivism Backfires


Philly’s selfie-stick legislator has caused more damage to liberal causes than he’s helped

State Representative Brian Sims has quite a grating voice. You could say it is whiny, even. Those same nails-on-chalkboard tones made for a cringe-worthy selfie video the legislator posted on social media. In those videos, Sims is holding his phone and heckling a senior as she was praying outside Planned Parenthood‘s clinic in the Gayborhood.

The ultimate aim of Sims’ ranting which included a prior altercation where he summoned his online fans to participate in doxxing pro-life teenage girls for a $100 prize–wasn’t to further the cause of abortion accessibility.

It was Brian Sims making sure everyone knows who Brian Sims is.

A pro-life rally opposing Rep. Sims outside the Planned Parenthood clinic

Sims represents the Gayborhood as well as Bella Vista, Spring Garden and Rittenhouse. As the self-appointed LGBT liaison in Harrisburg it’s weird how he was silent and absent when iCandy exploded. It wasn’t one of the Gayborhood’s better moments, when anti-black resentment among some of the Gayborhood’s proprietors was on display for all to see.

Sims has also been AWOL during the series of management fiascos surrounding the Mazzoni Clinic, which serves LGBT residents of the region. That included the firing of its diversity director, complaints of sexual harassment, and full-on protests of the clinic. If there was ever a time that you could demonstrate what your leadership and charisma could do for LGBTQ Philadelphians, this moment was it. This was a multi-year saga, and Sims was nowhere for it.

When Brian Sims did rally Gayborhood institutions, it was to ask them to protest and boycott Pennsylvania’s oldest family-operated brewery, Yuengling. Was it because Yuengling was anti-LGBT? No. Anti-black? Nope. It was because Eric Trump stopped by the plant for an hour because its owner is a fan. I reached out to Sims multiple times to ask him if that 2016 boycott is still on—crickets.

I can only conclude his Yuengling protest he heavily sold on social media and widely distributed through journalism only served one aim: to raise his profile to the Hillary Clinton campaign. If Clinton had won he might have taken a seat somewhere in an administration far-removed from his current role as a legislator hopelessly mired in the minority party, where he sits on the State Government committee with his arch-nemesis and fellow culture-warrior, State Rep. Darryl Metcalfe.

When Sims first ran for office he billed himself as an individual that could actually accomplish something. That something didn’t really have to include legislation–his constituent service amounts to turning up at beer gardens and talking selfies–but he could achieve something that the former owner of his state rep seat couldn’t.

That former seat-owner happened to be Babette Josephs, a granola Center City socialite leftist who accomplished nothing in Harrisburg except make quotes. Even during years of a Democratic controlled Pennsylvania House, Josephs had established a reputation among lawmakers: ‘Babette is where all good bills go to die’, referring to the times when she held controlling votes in committee.

Brian Sims worked for Babette Josephs as a staffer. It was from leaving her office that he launched a campaign against his former employer and holds the seat today.

I cannot help but notice now how much Brian Sims has become Babette, just with a beard; a self-serving showboater with a thin resume and no prospect of advancement.