Council Rattled By Anon Email Containing Local 98 Wiretap Intercepts


The political circles that run/ruin Philadelphia have been buzzing last week over an anonymous email that has been circulating among City Council staff discussing elicit affairs between City Council staffers and political retributions.

In it, the email’s author alleges to have more direct detail of wiretap intercepts from the FBI probe into City Councilman Robert Henon and its investigation of the International Brotherhood of Electricians, Local 98.

The email starts off as follows…

Some of the allegations in the email include:

An improper ongoing relationship between Councilman Henon and his chief staffer Courtney Voss

During Pope Francis’s visit to Philadelphia, Henon sent his wife and children to an amusement park for the day while Henon and Voss greeted the pontiff. Further, Henon allegedly paid for house repairs to Voss’s home.

The email claims that State Representative Mike Driscoll was intercepted in the FBI wiretaps of Local 98 board members stating that Henon was “a disgrace and to flaunt it with the Pope.”

In another part of the anon email that I’ll paste verbatim here, Councilman Henon and IBEW98 Business Manager John Dougherty are discussing retaliation on the phone over a Facebook post made by former City Councilman Rick Mariano, who used to represent the area that Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez now holds:

The email also discusses another relationship between two staffers of Councilman Bill Greenlee and Councilman Squilla‘s legislative offices, gleefully shaming one of the staffers:

Really? [Councilman Squilla’s staffer] is a fag? Does [Former City Councilman and current Zoning Board of Adjustment chairman Frank DiCicco] know? Does Mark [Squilla]?

The email also alleges a wiretap intercept about the staffer’s breath: “God, when [Squilla’s staffer] comes up to me in Council and asks me to sign a resolution. Dude, eat a bag of mints, not a bag of dicks.

The email also discusses Councilman Henon‘s use of a personal email account to conduct City and political business, chiding staffer Courtney Voss for directing email traffic to Henon’s official email address…

End of this installment

The anon email continues on for 8 pages, most of which is a libel minefield to talk about, even though the topics being discussed in the email have to do with the behaviors and habits of elected officials and government staffers.

I did check with three sources who have all confirmed that numerous staffers in City Hall received the e-mail blast, which was sent last week.

I don’t have the time or the energy right now to figure out how to write the rest of it and defend myself from the lawyers all these people mentioned above have, so I’ll leave it here for now and I might pick it up again when the nausea I have for the city I live in and how it is truly run by high school clique-minded retards subsides a little.