Women’s March Philly is Burning Down


Controversy looms over the upcoming January rally in Philly

The Pennsylvania chapter of Women’s March hasn’t yet broken from the NYC-based national organization like many other local groups have in the wake of a series of anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT charges leveled at the national organization’s co-founders.

It’s forging ahead in spite of it.

Across America there has been an on-going conversation about personal conflict in leadership movements.   In this damning piece by Tablet magazine, Leah McSweeney and Jacob Siegel perform the most exhaustive investigation and assessment of where the largest women’s movement in the country is at.   Their assessment is clear: the Women’s March is a fountain of anti-Semitism.

This comes on the heels of The Atlantic piece earlier in March “The Women’s March Has a Farrakhan Problem“.   Eye-witnesses present on the cusp of Women’s March forming in November 2016 attest to anti-Semitic remarks and viewpoints expressed by Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour.

It was so bad that the woman originally behind the idea of Women’s March, founder Teresa Shook, has run away from the organization and denounced its co-founders.

Is it that difficult to set up a partition between Louis Farrakahn and his rhetoric that women need to focus on having babies and running kitchens… and everyday basic feminism? Apparently for Women’s March, it is.

Women’s March PA

This has put local participants in a bind with Women’s March Pennsylvania, and the national organization versus local groups trying to organize an alternative women’s rally that is free from anti-Semitic organizers and is inviting to more women.

But even that has turned out a struggle and has devolved into a competition of overlapping permit requests to the City of Philadelphia, not to mention confusion among likely participants about which rally is sanctioned under the state group which is still aligned with the NYC co-founders, and whether or not there will be a better alternative rally that is free of the NYC leadership.

Regardless of the confusion, or the fact that activist celebrities have spoken out and abandoned the group, or that the press no longer feels restrained in publishing negative press about Women’s March, Women’s March Pennsylvania is plodding along anyway.

And Women’s March PA is still sticking with its national co-founders who share a psychotic origin-belief that one of the major factors that’s a problem within human society are the Jews.