We Were Doing So Well…


So, the Proud Boys apparently are coming to Philly. For at least a year Philadelphia has mostly had a peaceful existence without crazy stupid LARP-protests where everyone in attendance hopes to inspire violence then immediately jumps online to claim victimization after video clips of kerfuffles surface.

It looks like that peace may be coming to an end.

Apparently there’s some sort of  ‘MERICA rally is happening this Saturday at Independence Mall.   At least two purported members of conservative-podcaster Gavin McGinnes’s Proud Boys appear to be going.   The event appears to be specifically designed to agitate, annoy and terrorize far-leftist types in the city and it’s pretty clear this far out in advance that it is working:

Since the rally was discovered the social media team for mayor Jim Kenney as been busy replying to cries to ban the rally with boilerplate text reminding everyone that the City of Philadelphia doesn’t own or control any of the land Independence Mall is in.  It’s Federal land, which the Federal government polices and controls protest permits for.

If the chaos and violence that has been going on non-stop in Portland, OR is any clue what could be in store for the area around the Liberty Bell it’s probably a good idea to find other things to do on Saturday than to head into Center City, or least avoid getting off the EL at 5th Street.

Sure, this could be a couple of LARPers in bee suits fighting each other with glo sticks as in protests past with bored leftists mostly fighting the cops, or it could be a mess of toothless people in Viking helmets vs. a bunch of gentrifiers cosplaying as a guerilla liberation front trying to bear spray everyone.