The Messenger-Bag Murderer


OK OK OK, I’m hearing enough crap from people that I’m not shedding enough tears over the death of Sean Schellenger, the head of Streamline, LLC which is Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s favorite real estate developer (and was one of his most ardent political campaign donors).

So, I’ll explain why I’m so unmoved.

For the longest time the City of Philadelphia has been funneling City-owned land and abandoned property to Streamline courtesy of Sean’s best friend: Kenyatta Johnson.   In the early part of this decade Streamline sold a line to everyone that it was building affordable housing–a load of horseshit when anyone pulled up the deeds to Streamline’s sales and saw their properties selling far higher than what a median income can afford in Point Breeze.   Streamline eventually dropped that veneer and went into the luxe market that every other developer is in.

Schellenger was also the largest contributor to City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.  They live just doors from each other.  Sean will always be remembered for buying neighborhood loyalty, including Kenyatta Johnson’s, which is the old-school Philly way.

As far as the murder goes: the story (right now) is that this was a road range incident at 17th and Chancellor, close by the former location of Lil Pete’s diner.   The murder suspect worked for Postmates (a phone-app company that arranges deliveries of food), as he abandoned his bicycle and his messenger bag at the scene.  Details on the suspect right now is that he is a black male.

Sean was in a car with at least two other people, one of whom left the scene.  The cyclist pulled a knife and stabbed Sean in the back.

I have witnessed many car altercations occur on Chancellor street.  This is a narrow street that is two-way which should not be.   Because there is a large parking garage on this street (behind the Warwick Hotel) and another parking garage (now demolished to be turned into a hipster hotel), and delivery ramps for businesses all along this street it’s often the scene of chaos night after night, particularly when people have been drinking.

I don’t think I will be surprised if we later learn that Sean and his friends in the vehicle may have elevated tensions with the cyclist, since it’s fairly clear that Sean did get out of the car when he had no reason to.