WILTED FLOWERS – Inquirer Political Columnist Shows Recent Habit of Not Voting

(Story updated)

Christine Flowers is something of an enigma

She’s a nationally-syndicated conservative columnist for the withering Inquirer/Daily News brand.    No one seems to know exactly how she elevated to this title, but upon multiple interrogations Christine’s editor has appeared to laud her work with a single praise: “she turns out the columns.”

That’s about where the praise ends.

Flowers fills a role that most metro newspapers in large liberal-leaning cities need filled to hold down legitimacy: the archetypal social conservative columnist to round out their political editorial pages.   Basically, the punching bag who is the pièce de The Résistance of what all conservative thought must be, of low humor quality, who exhibits no flair for creativity.   Certainly not anything you’d find at Reason, for instance.

There is no other type of conservative in the eyes of the newspaper–the same paper that once gave a column to Rick Santorum of all people–Christine has managed to stay the course simply for the fact that she has dutifully fulfilled her role as a SoCon effigy without once ever living in the city of Philadelphia.   Oh, she works here of course and makes occasional appearances for her day job as an immigration attorney here, but meh.

Given that Christine’s beat is politics and almost entirely centered on the culture wars you would think that Ms. Flowers considers the act of voting to be sacrosanct.  But as a Philadelinquency reader writes in this letter to Stan Wischnowski, the editor of the Inquirer…

Attached please find a PDF of Christine Flowers’ latest column.  I note that it is preceded by a very large graphic with an “I Voted” sticker.  I find this curious, as the data I have from the Department of State suggests that Ms. Flowers has not voted since 2016, and did not vote in 2017, or in the 2018 Primary.   It does appear that 225 voters in her division did go to the polls in 2018 for the Primary, however.

Data is not always correct.  It is possible that her name was somehow skipped when the election results were certified.  There are two ways to verify this.  First, ask Ms. Flowers herself.  Second, check the poll book in her division in Delaware County, 22002001, and see if her name appears as having voted.   I am cc’ing several reporters who I am certain would be delighted to assist you with this.

If indeed Ms. Flowers did appear at the polling place where she lives in 2018, then I owe her an apology.  However, if she did not vote in the May Primary, you are running a graphic that implies she is a regular voter, when, in fact, she is not.  Isn’t that the very definition of “Fake News”?

I eagerly await your reply.

Christine Writes Back

Two hours later, Flowers responded with her characteristic defensive flippancy:

Dear Stan
Please tell David I don’t pick the graphics, and thank him for his attention to my work. It moves me deeply to know he’s so interested in what I write, and I’m profoundly grateful
Not much of an answer, is it?

Flowers Voting Record, Exposed

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This is Christine Flowers’ voting record from the Pennsylvania Department of State, establishing her as a resident in Delaware County.   From 2006 on-wards Flowers was a registered as a Democrat.   She failed to appear in any primary election except during the 2016 Presidential election cycle where she appeared as a Republican for the first time.

Numerous Republicans, from party members to candidate volunteers to candidates themselves have questioned Flowers’ sincerity to conservative causes, pointing out her party registration has been as a Democrat for many years.    Flowers’ came back with reasons, but apparently none of those reasons had anything to do with participating in Democratic primaries to check the voices and opinions of leftists that Flowers’ openly rails against in her columns.

Somehow during all these years that Christine has written about presidential, senatorial and even gubernatorial primaries, she has never entered an appearance to cast a vote to give her opinion in any of those primary races.   In fact, the 2016 election year is the only one in this record where she made an appearance in a primary.   Christine has often billed herself as a litmus test of conservatism to other conservatives—many of whom she has blocked on her own Facebook account where they have challenged her views or questioned her sincerity.

Flowers’ voting record is a voice that only Christine can control and it reveals where she has cashed in her chips.   She has a voting record that looks more like a disinterested millennial than a passionate social conservative.

I wonder if the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News will ever disclose these facts to their readers, who deserve to see this record.

Hiding Christine’s hypocrisy would be disgusting.