Philadelphia Court Visitor Collapses from Heroin Overdose


Man collapses on floor of court building in opioid overdose

Around 10:30AM today on Wednesday a court visitor had collapsed from an opioid overdose while visiting the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas building across from City Hall.

In a sign of how bad the heroin crisis has become the unidentified man was accompanied with a female–also displaying clear signs of visible opioid intoxication according to witnesses at the court.

It is not known what business the man had at court that morning.   Witnesses at the court say that the man had collapsed in one of the heavily-trafficked halls that run along the spine of the 17 story building which houses most of the courtrooms for the Commonwealth’s criminal court division (civil cases are heard in City Hall).  The court visitor was unresponsive on the floor as others inside the court building tended to him as the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department responded.

One source at the First Judicial District expressed frustration that Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department, who provides the security for the city’s courtrooms, does not carry naloxone; the drug commonly known as Narcan.   Nor are many of the Sheriff’s Department officers trained on how to dispense the drug.   Narcan is a fast-acting opioid receptor blocking agent that is widely used to revive addicts who have overdosed on heroin and other synthetic opioids.