This Is Who Philly Progressives Hope Can Unseat Martina White


Mike Doyle is running against Martina White for state rep up in Northeast Philly–home of detached townhouses and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Here’s probably the most Democratic Party-type of Facebook post he’s made in the Trump era…

Well, Mike…

Firearms-ownership isn’t restricted to citizens, legal permanent residents and American Nationals (i.e. Samoans) can also acquire them.   Even then it does require that they not be under the category that Commonwealth and Federal Law have defined as prohibited possessors.   So, citizens who have serious misdemeanors that carry the possibility of one year of jail time or longer, a felony, someone who is under a protection-from-abuse court order, and people who have been declared by the state as mentally unfit are all excluded.

As for the “you commie liberal pu**y” remark, yeah that’s a pretty progressive thing to say as a candidate.  Oh yes… he also has back taxes and he claims that he fell behind on his taxes with the City’s Revenue Department because he donated money to the #NoDAPL protests, who were trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Because obviously that is something a person who is concerned about “commie liberal pu**sies” would do.

Something tells me that Doyle isn’t going to be getting the FOP Lodge 5 endorsement.