When Progressives Hate LGBT People and Jews: Farrakhan’s Newest Followers


I guess the leaders of the Women’s March hate the Jewish people now

The only controversial things I am going to say in this post are controversial to the dumbest people that God ever created.   And those people happen to be the most devout followers of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation Of Islam.

Farrakhan also happens to be getting old and he’s in search of a new generation to adopt and co-opt his church of crazy; to continue warping more minds for future generations to come.

So it’s really interesting how all of the leaders of Women’s March have come into Farrakhan’s orbit.

Tamika Mallory is one of the leaders of Women’s March and apparently both her and Linda Sarsour have developed this very strange daddy-complex for the extremist leader.  And it’s not just those two.  Every single top leader of Women’s March has fawned over him.

It led Beri Weiss at the New York Times to pen “When Progressives Embrace Hate,” documenting the strange fascination for the anti-homosexual, anti-feminist and anti-Semitic king of all hoteps who just recently at a congress of Nation of Islam once again denounced Jews.  Not Israelis. All people who have any sort of attachment to the Jewish faith.

And this isn’t anything new.  This is the Louis Farrakhan that I’ve known since my childhood in the 1980s.  He rips into Jewish people once a year at his annual conference like renewing a wedding vow.

It strikes me so odd, not just reprehensible but just plain odd—that young liberal activists have no problem with Farrakhan-worship amongst their ranks.   Everyone who is age 38 and older has known how nuts Farrakhan is all of our lives.   But perhaps you are just too young or naïve, or both, to recognize any of that.   I find it weird though how Farrakhan’s homophobery and anti-Semitism is often met with silence; yet some of these same folk can pick out David Duke or Richard Spencer in a crowd.   Apparently wishing death to American Jews and gay people is OK so long as you do it with the right identity?   This makes no sense.

Farrakhan is toxic waste

Louis Farrakhan is toxic waste.  He has nothing to contribute or teach humanity.  For whatever virtues he might have teaching self-worth, black liberation, traditional family life, renewing marital vows, rearing children… it’s long been overshadowed and outmoded by his crazy and demented bullshit.

Farrakhan also has a large following.   But it’s entirely comprised of hoteps.   He capitalized on Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X to build a base that many urban activists and politicos want to talk to, and want to cater to.   But to draw yourself into Louis Farrakhan’s orbit is to play with fire.   If you’re caught in regular attendance at his sermons, then you must have a problem with Jews.   Gay people must frighten you and they ought to not exist.    And perhaps you also think Farrakhan, who sees himself above a prophet–must have gotten divine inspiration from the people he met on the UFO he stepped on into down in Georgia.

That is the orbit all the leaders of Women’s March have put themselves in. By doing it they are turning Women’s March into a joke.

Think of people of color who are near you who are gay, lesbian or trans and are stuck with family members or one or both parents who not just are in the Nation of Islam, but their family members are indoctrinated into this nightmare of homophobia and anti-Semitism and subscribe to it.   Think of what they have had to go through and continue to endure.   It’s one of Philadelphia’s most darkest LGBT secrets.   Very few people can talk about it; and there are plenty of people of color who live in Philadelphia who feel forced to suppress their gay identity not because the broader society is not accepting of them so much as they have loved ones, their own family members, who are as intolerant as hell.

Minister Farrakhan keeps the logs burning of gay hatred and suspicion within the black community; and by extension–our own.   This is only compounded with the injuries from our own Gayborhood, which venues like iCandy that has an owner who abhors blackness.

You cannot call yourself a progressive, or a liberal, and be silent on crap like this or condone it.


So for all the millenials who still have no clue what Farrakhan is all about; here’s a link-basket you can surf through on your phone:

Farrakhan Claims Ebola is Designed to Kill Black People

Farrakhan Blames the Jews for 9/11

While we’re on 9/11, he also called it a false flag operation.

Not a shocker, Farrakhan denounced Obama’s pivot on gay marriage; then spent one month attacking President Obama (while in office) from the pulpit.

And of course there’s the most famous sermon from his youth; the sermon that put him on the map and scored him interviews for all the national television networks… where he LITERALLY PRAISED HITLER:

Here’s Louis Farrakhan on Feminism:

I will leave it to you as an exercise for the reader to Google what Farrakhan had to say about himself and UFOs and “The Great Wheel in the Sky”.


So please for the love of God: stay the hell away from Louis Farrakhan.   There is nothing this man can give you–be it votes, money, inspiration or volunteers; that you can’t find for yourself or within yourself.   Do better.   Leave this nightmare from the past where it belongs—in the past.