SHOPLIFTING SPREE! No More Jail For Chronic Shoplifting!


Kleptomaniacs rejoice

So there’s been an interesting e-mail chain going on behind the scenes of law enforcement.   It starts with Ryan Merkel who is the regional loss prevention manager for UNIQLO, who is asking Abington Township to confirm rumors that he’s heard about recent cash bail changes in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Merkel then hears back from the District Attorney’s Office.  Obviously businesses in Center City which deal with large amounts of shoplifting are interested in what happens to repeat offenders.  Merkel then replies back to the email thread, which has ballooned:

So, Philadelinquency asked around in law enforcement to figure out what they’re supposed to do for chronic thieves.  The response:

Retail theft suspects will always be prosecuted.   However, they will now be on summary charges no matter how many times they have been charged with theft previously.   They are included in the DAO new bail policy and they will be released ROR.    I am not sure how this squares with the Commonwealth because this practice is lower than the punishment written in state law.

So shoplifting TVs twenty-seven times will be about as painful as a traffic ticket, each and every time.   Great.


A new day, a new way at the DA.