A Lesson On Being Woke


Sometimes you just sound stupid.


You know, I stared at this for about five minutes wondering whether I should anonymize these names.   But since this is open to the world on Facebook and was a real conversation about the etymology of the word history, I think not anonymizing it in some way heals me from the cringe I had reading it.

It’s not that I take issue with no one bothering to check etymologies of words.  Far from it.

It’s that this type of interaction is the echo-effect of “thot”.   No, not t-h-o-t as in “that ho over there”, but T-H-O-T, as in: it’s meant to be the word thought but it’s missing the required letters.  Because it’s “brainless af”.

I get woke people (aka “socially conscious”) climbing up my responses all the time; wondering “what happened to Philadelinquency?”  The honest-to-God answer is that I’m really tired of Dumb Progressivism.   The kind that doesn’t take much thought to execute, only thot.   This used to be amusing back when gender studies students from Penn and Swarthmore were primarily the ones driving the bus; with their lunacy safely contained to their friend farms.

Today in urbanism there’s no shortage of “woke” people who get into urbanism with the only one goal:  to disrupt and stop everything.   A “Woke NIMBYism” if you will.   It’s also a portion of the reason why I reject the idea of Amazon HQ2 coming to Philadelphia.   Not only will it not do a thing for working-class people of color; it will import trainloads of more dumb progressivism into the city; the kind none of us need.   The kind where overpaid white people try to hog space and use their white voices to speak over other races who are capable of voicing their opinions on their own.

Philadelphia is a place where people of color fought and gained their right to speak out, to get noticed, to take control and ultimately: gain power.  No one needed nor required Dumb Progressivism to score any of those achievements.

And when nobody asked white people to be a bullhorn for people of color (psst: nobody’s asking you to do that now, either).   And of course: they can’t see these optics; and when you call them out on it they double-down.  Every time.

I really don’t want a city that has just as much blight as before but with tons of more “woke” people who don’t do anything but see past it all and concentrate most of their thinking energy on crap like this; where caring is the only thing that matters; not doing.

Oh, speaking of which… the word person is now problematic according to some stupids because it has the word SON in it.   I saw a Penn graduate proffering that idea yesterday.   🙄☕