John Sheerin (Facebook)

DA Larry Krasner Drops Charges Against the ANTIFA Teacher


Because of course he does

John E. Sheerin, 63, a former Philadelphia public school teacher was arrested last year for threatening police officers during protests sparked by social media posts from Councilwoman Helen Gym demanding a statue of former Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo to be removed.   That episode was captured on video by Inquirer reporter Helen Urbiñas.

John Sheerin (Philadelphia Police)

In a move that comes as a complete surprise to nobody, the DA’s office has quietly withdrawn the charges of terroristic threats and harassment.

How was that achieved, you ask?

Easy.   A series of interesting delays occurred that punted the scheduled trial date out, which was scheduled for January after a series of other delays.   Getting a delayed date would ensure that a DA’s office under the assertive control of Krasner would be handling it.

And like magic the “new-and-improved” DA sees no reason to bring a trial with video evidence before a court for it to decide.

Chris Sheerin (Facebook)

Chris Sheerin (Facebook)

Things were not so lucky for Sheerin’s son, Christopher Sheerin.  He was arrested earlier that same year for assault–also captured on video–during a Trump tax protest.   He worked a deal with prosecutors and was given ARD probation with a goal of clearing his criminal record.