DA: We’re Dropping Charges Against Rizzo Vandal


The whirlwind of change won’t let up at the District Attorney’s Office

Sources have provided Philadelinquency with an announcement from Diop Olugbala about his arrest for defacing the Rizzo statue with spray paint last year.  He says his defense attorney, who is also a consultant for the District Attorney’s Office, has gotten him off the hook.

A Uhuru activist, Olugbala pleads for African-Americans to adopt communism.  He was caught on FOX29’s cameras last year in front of a field reporter and camera man spray painting the statue of the former mayor in the Thomas Paine Plaza in front of the Municipal Services building.  FOX29 captured the act live, including the license plate of the car Olugbala left the scene in.

Olugbala also goes by the name of Wali Rahman.

Mr. Olugbala has been protesting at the Rizzo statue after tweets calling for its removal were posted by Councilwoman-At-Large Helen Gym.  This included speeches at City Council sessions.

In his announcement Mr. Olugbala states that the District Attorney will be dropping charges.  He also states that his defense attorney is Michael Coard, a civil rights attorney who was a consultant to District Attorney Larry Krasner and is on the transition team for the District Attorney’s Office, the same team who is reorganizing the office and deciding upon new hires.

Mr. Coard used his personal Facebook account this week and last week to post internal news about the changes happening inside the DA’s office.  This development with Coard’s own client now gives rise to a conflict of interest.  Specifically: how many people who are not able to get Michael Coard as their defense attorney are able to directly influence the office which is prosecuting them in the way that Coard–who is providing input on personnel and policy decisions in the office–can?