“STOP WRITING BAD THINGS!”, Cry Krasner Fans on Twitter About DA


Most of DA Larry Kranser’s fan club was pleased as punch when local journalists went out of their way to paint the recent District Attorney exits as human garbage, regarding last week’s flash decision by the incoming DA to let go at least 31 prosecutors out of the 550 employee DA’s office, with an option for more terminations.

But apparently the tables have turned.

Today in court at the Criminal Justice Center at 13th and Filbert, numerous cases had to be delayed as the assistant district attorneys handling those cases no longer had a job.   Consequently over 7 criminal judges just that day alone had their fully-blooked court schedules thrown into chaos as scabs sent over from the DA’s office requested new hearing dates; and in a couple of cases, new trial dates with jurors sitting in the room waiting to hear an ADA present a case.

The news of crime victims being told that justice will be delayed, if possibly yet denied, apparently didn’t sit well with some of Krasner’s closest fans on Twitter.

Apparently reporters only write about what’s going on at court after a major event like a mass firing because… Krasner won’t talk to media?  ¿Que?

So Beth Grossman, the Republican who ran against Krasner last year, somehow controls all the reporters.  Does she also know where the UFO space ships are stored in Area 51? 👽

Apparently someone’s had enough of Larry Krasner and even draws Nazi references.  Nazis!!! 😨

Yeah, the good old Philadelphia Inquirer, the hack newspaper.

That’s because he did.   He blasted well over $1.2 million dollars on a race that normally would have cost about $400K at most.

He’s spent more on one race than the Koch brothers have ever spent in this city on politics in their lifetimes.

How about 31?  Got any numbers for us, Paul… who’s posting all the way from Raleigh, NC?

All of Krasner’s stated policies hint that in order to achieve them the clearance rate will have to drop. (The rate that a documented crime committed turns into an arrest and then a favorable plea or verdict to the DA)

It’s only natural to suspect that criminals will sense a lowered clearance rate and respond accordingly.


It’s called being a public servant, Ryan.  He’s serving the public.

And boy are they being served!