New Years Resolutions: Not Clicking on Any Articles With “White People” in The Title

Save yourself from the bait

Outlets like BuzzFeed are on a snoozy news cycle right now with nothing going on.  But it’s time to pay those salaries, we need clicks, and how do we get those clicks?

“Ahh yes, let’s post something about white people.”

And thus some random feminist or gender-studies-trained content-churner is found to pen an article–which I’m not linking to (because clicks), and it’s in BuzzFeed’s truest art form: the listicle.   So let’s break down “white people” articles for you:

They don’t satisfy “we need to have a conversation about race”

When has BuzzFeed, or GQ, or Esquire, or Maxim, or USAToday, or WaPo or any digital outlet ever put out any article that has contributed to closing a racial gap in the last couple of years?   Data-driven journalism that shows trends broken down by race are disappearing from journalism in favor of experience articles, or in BuzzFeed’s case: click bait and troll bait.

Being a click-slut can cause unwanted responses

Lazy social commentary like “Here Are 97 Ways White People Are Awful” is precisely the fuel for dipshit response tags like “It’s Okay To Be White” to trend.   And if you look at who’s pushing the “It’s Okay To Be White” tag… well that’s cringe-worthy too.

In other words; trolls who have digital media jobs who need to blast content–any content–are battling it out with jobless trolls on the Internet.  It’s all a great time suck that you can spend doing more productive things.

You’ll never get that time spent reading it back

It’s not worth my time to read it, because I no longer care.