ASIAN LIVES MATTER: City Council Stupidity Edition


Behold, the video:

If you thought the soda tax was stupid and unfairly targeted minority-owned retail business, City Hall has invented a new way to torture those very same businesses.

Councilwoman City Bass introduced Bill No. 170963 which attempts to impose restroom requirements at mom-and-pop fast food jawn, which is understandable. However, the legislation includes this:

(g) Customer access. No establishment required to obtain a Large Establishment license, as provided in subsection (4)(a)(.1), shall erect or maintain a physical barrier that requires the persons serving the food either to open a window or other aperture or to pass the food through a window or other aperture, in order to hand the food to a customer inside the establishment.

Oh dear. I don’t think Cindy Bass was expecting a mad hoard of Asian business owners and their families to storm City Hall today, some wearing “Asian Lives Matter” tees and carrying signs.

Asian business owners have been feeling pressure lately. City Hall has also started to pay attention to the operating hours of Chinese take out restaurants. Combined with the soda tax and now this measure to remove life-saving devices meant to keep the employees of the establishments alive, so they can even run their businesses, it’s a wonder why anyone wants to run a business at all in a marginalized community.

Not great optics, City Hall.