Avoiding Family for Thanksgiving Because of Politics


On the busiest travel day of the year airports have become less of a chaotic mess

Current airport delays (FAA)

Today is usually the day of the year when a lot of people living in Philadelphia depart the liberal paradise of the city and head back to their parents homes; often located in Trumpland.  Given that Pennsylvania voted for Donald Trump, this makes just-about everywhere in the state beyond the city limits “Trump Country”.

Several PHL employees that I chatted with this morning have noticed a less-busy airport than last year.  Two employees at American Airlines I spoke with online in Dallas and PHL both mentioned the slowdown.  “Feels like Christmas,” an agent at the PHL airport observed, referring to the 2nd-busiest travel holiday of the year.

Could it be that more folks than ever are willing to stay in-town and avoid that Trump-loving uncle of theirs for the requisite 2 hours of “socializing” at Thanksgiving?