Shooty-Stabby Philly Nightclub Driving Up Homicide Count


There’s been yet another homicide down at the A Lounge, the nightclub where people go to die.

From FOX29…

Pablo Rivera was gunned down outside the late-night, weekends-only BYOB lounge around 4:00 a.m. Sunday, after an argument with another man.

Police say a club security guard shot and wounded Rivera’s killer and that another person was also injured by gunfire.

“I don’t even understand why this place is even open,” said Pichardo of the club. “How many more lives have to be taken, from the A Lounge?”

Homicides on Macalester Sreet since 2014

What’s unusual about this particular block of Feltonville is that there are no residents on it.  It’s mostly all commercial businesses that all shut after 6PM save for the A Lounge.   This summer a concealed-carry permit holder shot and killed an attacker off Whitaker Avenue, less than a quarter-mile from the 25th District police station.

The nuisance club has had a long string of shootings in addition to the three fatal ones that locals now call the place “Club Death”.

While not being near residents is a blessing, it’s the very lack of residents near the club that contributes to it being overlooked–except for the unsurprising live TV shots of bodybags being loaded into ambulance trucks.   In areas where nuisance bars and nightclubs open near residents usually the district councilperson or L&I can to trip the business up for any small mistakes in its permits in order to shut it down, at least for a short time.

But here?   The place is pretty much a shooting gallery.

The property is 4234-42 MacAlester St owned by Glorimar DeJesus.