WITHOUT PAPERS? Fishtown Developer Caught Building Without Permits


L&I has delivered a rapid smackdown on developer Roland Kassis

Kassis is a developer who has made a mint converting large properties in the Fishtown neighborhood including large factories and has had a hotel project in his back pocket for the hipster mecca.  He’s been given a glowing exposé in the past by Inga Saffron, the Inquirer architecture critic.

For all the construction work and experience Kassis might have, controlling his subs is another story.

Over in East Kensington on the 1900 block of East Huntingdon Street sits a really old warehouse.   Complete with loading docks, it offers the perfect opportunity for a live/work space for artists.   While the existing loading dock entrances are vast and might seem adequate for the property, the property investor feels there should be more.

And so work began today on knocking a massive hole in the side of the building and installing a bridge truss to maintain the second floor span.

So you can imagine L&I was happy about it.

1900-20 E HUNTINGDON ST stop work order

1900-20 E HUNTINGDON ST stop work order

That work was done without permits.  According to L&I, the contractor doing the work was Perroni Management Company.

You need alteration permits to knock giant holes into large buildings, dude.