Beth Grossman

HUGE SHOCK: Inquirer Endorses Beth Grossman for District Attorney


Beth Grossman is in it to win it

Today the Inquirer editorial board decided to endorse Beth Grossman for District Attorney.  The bigger question … why?

For starters, there are two choices.   Let’s look at experience:

  • One person with zero experience in the office
  • Another person who has worked in every unit at the DA’s office and knows how the office functions in excruciating detail (Beth)

The Inquirer posits that experience matters a great deal in a political candidate.  While challenger Larry Krasner does have experience as an attorney, it comes from fighting prosecutors and cops, not in solving crime or running social projects which the DA’s office has been doing for years, such as the ARD Program which allows first-time offenders to erase their criminal records.  He has honed his skills at challenging the DA, not doing what the DA does.

The editorial board also points out that Grossman has promised that nolle prosse would be restricted for those who face repeat gun charges.  This comes as great news to those who place a priority on gun violence, especially to groups such as CeaseFirePA.   The current DA’s office presently excuses-away serious gun charges in many of the plea bargains it offers.  There has been little indication from Krasner that he will place priority on prosecuting gun crime and what steps he would take to do it.

And then there’s that “gotcha” issue of civil asset forfeiture.   The City of Philadelphia is presently under a court consent decree that severely limits the practice and Congress has also taken up the issue; so the fear of your grandma’s house being taken because you smoked a roach on the front steps hasn’t been a thing for some time.   Grossman has pledged transparency and uniformity with forfeitures, preferring to keep the tool rather than throw it away, pointing out that it’s the only tool available to eradicate pernicious drug houses.  Without the tool, residents really only have one option if a drug house is not vulnerable to taxes or to L&I code violations:  move.