FACT: All Tragedy Happens Because of Toxic Masculinity And Lack of Communism


The Thinkpiece Factory is in overdrive over the Las Vegas massacre. Just about every thought piece you’re going to read about Las Vegas will have one of two themes about motive:

  • The tragedy happened because of toxic masculinity, which is the feminist cop-out for everything.
  • The tragedy happened because of the lack of full communism and the presence of white people, which is the Sociology pre-grad cop-out for everything.

I’m sure toxic masculinity is what caused a sextagenarian to commit mass murder.  It’s also the reason why my crankcase is habitually low on oil, why SEPTA is late, and why my hoagie has too few jalapeños in it.   The other craptastic category of hot takes is a shitty reduction of economic theory.  When there are any study sources, they point to fringe theory that’s not generally accepted or it’s way out of context or it’s just bad quoting and use of stats.

Let’s face it.  There’s just going to be shittons of digital content authors looking for click coin out of the shock of so many people ruthlessly killed.  They want your clicks because their CPC-conversion rate will hit the roof.

The shitty redux hot takes on blogs all the way to major media sites pumping out crap speculation articles will last for several weeks, feeding off our desire to understand the motive behind this.

Your 20-something digital content author cranking out one thinkpiece after another isn’t going to have any better insight than the Federal employees shifting through Steve Paddock’s personal belongings.

You are going to be lured into reading all this shitty content, so I’m not here to tell you not to click on that.   Here’s how you can combat it without going mad.


Install the Brave browser for your phone and mobile devices.   90% of most web traffic these days comes from mobile phones, not your PC at work or at home.   Most of you use the default web browser that came with your phone which has no ad blocker on it.  But your home PC you installed AdBlock Plus.

There is ad-blocking code built inside the browser itself.  It also tells the web host you’re reading from that you’re using Chrome, so there’s no simple mechanism for websites to block the Brave browser from surfing the content.

You can also disable Javascript selectively on some sites to get rid of that “Hey, you’re using an ad-blocker.  Can you turn that off?” pop-up.

Ad content consumes more than 70% of what you’re downloading when you read an average page on the Internet.   You’re paying a premium from the phone company for your data plan and in return most of those bytes in your monthly allotment are soaked up by ad traffic when you open that web browser on your phone.

So not only is Brave faster when downloading a page because it won’t download the ad content, but it also frees up room on your phone’s data plan.

And yes, switching to this browser also denies agency to bloggers and think piece hit-artists.  I don’t see that has a bad thing at all, but necessary.  There is a system inside Brave browser where you can reward sites that you do find useful with micropayments when you visit them.

The less ad revenue you give to shitty content, the more motivated the author will be to get creative at attracting your attention.  Perhaps writing better, more thought-provoking content will work.

Or full blown communism.


(* p.s., I don’t give a rats ass if you block ads when coming here.  I don’t depend on the ad revenue for anything.   But I’ll take your coin if you’re going to come here with ad blockers down.)