It Appears The Leader of Philly’s Democrats Is A Total Twatwaffle


We’ve long suspected it, but Philadelphia now has direct evidence in its hands that the leader of the city’s Democrats, Congressman Robert A. Brady colluded in a scheme to pay off a senior municipal court judge to drop out of a challenge to his seat for re-election.  It gets worse… it’s to get rid of a black guy.

In a bombshell article in the Inquirer, senior Municipal Court judge Jimmie Moore has agreed to resign.   As part of his plea deal, he admits to accepting $90,000 in payments from Brady to drop out of the race.

Why Did Brady Do It?

Congressional District 1 – Represented by Robert A. Brady

The payments have to do with dissatisfied Democrats who believe that “racial math” has made it possible to elect a minority in the PA-1 Congressional District.   Brady helped shape this district to compact as many white Philadelphians as possible who don’t live in the Northeast.  In BradyWorld™, PA-1 is for white people. PA-2 for the longest time was represented by Chaka Fattah (who is now in Federal lockup), and PA-3 was for Northeast Republicans [now a Democratic seat occupied by Rep. Brendan Boyle].

Even after Brady’s attempt to solidify his safe seat, the demographic changes in the western end of his district and the inclusion of Feltonville, Juniata and part of the Lower Northeast which has seen dramatic demographic shift have made Brady vulnerable to Democratic challengers.

When Jimmie Moore came along, he apparently concerned Brady enough that he arranged for a meeting.   According to documents filed by the US Attorney, that meeting took place at the office of Wilson Goode Sr. Goode is the first African-American mayor of Philadelphia.

Also as part of the deal reported by the Inquirer, Moore admits that the $90,000 in payments from Brady’s campaign funds were set to be disguised as poll expenses.   Only part of that sum was actually reported to the Federal Election Commission.  A forensic analysis by the FBI concluded that some of the funds went to personal expenses rather than paying off campaign debts.

Will Brady Get Prosecuted?

It remains to be seen whether a third criminal filing will hit the Federal court dockets that directly names Brady.   For the quid pro quo, the government would need to show that Brady himself helped arranged the scheme.   It doesn’t appear that it would have been possible to arrange a deal like this to compensate Moore and get him to agree to drop out without Brady present during any of it.   And Brady is well-known in Philadelphia for being a deal-maker, he is often brought into the picture during heated union disputes of all sorts. And this is one hell of a critical deal–for him.

Still, the government would need direct evidence showing Brady participated in person and had direct knowledge for him to be implicated in falsifying his own campaign finance records where he marked the expenditures.   Given the collapse of Moore and his expected plea arrangement, it appears the leader of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee faces a very serious and real risk of a federal prosecution.

A prosecution of Brady would inflict considerable damage to the Democratic City Committee.  Namely the DCC’s official endorsements and Brady’s penchant for arranging who gets to run in special elections would come into sharp focus as numerous Democrats who have put a lot of time into the party watch the tea leaves closely for signs of his departure and the leadership fight that is sure to follow.