One Thing That Was Lost on 9/11 – Another World


If there was ever a single re-defining moment that reshaped events everywhere, it was this day.

Every news site today has some pre-prepped 9/11 package ready to deploy this morning.  Some with videos we’ve already seen countless times.   Every angle of what unfolded that one day has been written.  Every word that was said.  Every emotion that was felt.

I often wonder what kind of place this would be had those planes had not crashed.  It certainly reshaped politics.

My generation went off to fight a war, based on a lie, on the orders of the generation above us.  The consequences our country will likely pay forever.

It erased compromise and dealmaking from our political vocabulary and replaced it with a toxic all-or-nothing attitude which has slowly pushed Philadelphia and a few other cities to stark political isolation.   Even in the Age of Inclusiveness, the lack of compromise firmly cemented division.

One administration to the next seeks to undo the works of the other; a veritable cycle of deconstruction.  We’ve stopped being innovative or creative at solving problems and seek as a society to make-do.  Large businesses have turned their attention spans beyond our shores, leaving many of us behind and it’s that action that has has defined millennials–the lost generation of 20 and early 30 year olds who have sought to impose a new form of Puritanism on the rest of us, their reaction to the political and socioeconomic paralysis we’ve lived the last sixteen years.


We have been marking time for sixteen solid years since that day.  It’s getting old.