Enjoy Your Protests – It’s Going To Get Awkward Soon


I feel sorry for leftists.

I realize many of my readers are leftists.  I have to make a distinction here, because “Democrat” and “leftist” are not synonymous terms, as the whole flap over the Rizzo statue makes obvious to people now.

There’s a lot of them in Philadelphia and they pretty-much signal off each other like cattle moo-ing their way across a pasture.  Few of you realize what is coming, but I already see the winds blowing.   You will feel that wind turn gale force as the months go by.

The people I’m feeling sorry for are you guys, gals–and other–who have been out marching in circles around City Hall hoping Trump would give a shit about your Magic Marker signs.   Standing next to you in those crowds were miscreant humanities students and flunkies otherwise known as AntiFa and Black Bloc.  Unfortunately for you, even though you didn’t don AntiFa garb you are going to be lumped in with them; because you’ve been winking and nodding at them and quietly accepting the normalization of extra-judicial unconstitutional violence as if it were protected speech.

That is soon going to come to an end and it’s not because of Charlottesville.  Sorry, that’s how it’s going to be spun.  Own it.  The backspin has already started:

Exhibit A

Vox isn’t the only outlet that has had a sudden epiphany on Antifascist Action.  It’s spread to the Washington Post and MSNBC.

And here’s one of America’s most televised Clintonistas…

Satirical site The Onion has also joined in…

Apparently NBC hasn’t yet gotten the memo…

I feel sorry for this author–he won’t be getting many calls to appear on network TV for a while.   That is because:

The Great Disavowal Has Arrived

You see, there are quite a number of Democratic senators in Congress who are up for re-election next year.   Our very own U.S. senator Bob Casey is considered vulnerable being located in a state that voted for President Trump.   One of the most vulnerable Democratic senators in Congress is Missouri senator Claire McCaskill.  Her state voted for Donald Trump by 57% to Hillary Clinton’s 38%.   She has to desperately look as moderate as possible, her Republican attackers will put up ads “Clare’s people think every last one of you is a racist Nazi,” and pair photos of her in ballrooms with Nancy Pelosi set to dramatic music.   See how this works?

This obviously has Democratic strategists in a pickle.

It’s very obvious what next year will be like.   The worst footage from protest demonstrations will be put on display in campaign advertising and all the claims that Democratic pundits and authors have made claiming America is festooned with 64 million gas-chamber-murdering Nazis. Everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a Nazi.  They’re all Nazis.  Every fucking last one of them is a motherfucking Nazi.

There are few Republicans up for re-election in 2018 who are really vulnerable.  Those 64 million Trump voters still have access to ballot machines and they can still vote.   Calling every Trump voter a Nazi, as so many of you have done, is not going to be forgotten.  That projection is going to come back to haunt people.   It terrifies people who actually do politics as part of their career; namely pundits, campaign strategists and party officials.

Bye Bye Black Bloc

For those of you who love putting on black bandanas it’s going to get interesting as most of your conformist liberal friends grow from disagreement to disavowing political alignment and then that may even contort into a clear divide and perhaps even separation and you two blocking each other on social media.   The liberal voting mass will listen to their “smart friend” who is trying to help out Senator Casey or Save Claire! and feel less inclined to march with you.   It may turn into complete ostracization at political rallies and events.  Political expediency will demand this.   It’s a political singularity that is a certainty.  You will not be able to escape it.

For those of you who are liberal and hold down a corporate job: as you’ve been more than welcoming to extremism these last few months your new-found discovery that extremism is bad and unproductive in politics will force you into logic pretzels you never thought possible.  You’ll cope by ignoring most of the shit you’ve said or done because there’s a ring on the merry-go-round that needs to be grabbed.  You can’t have any of your more far-left and green friends holding you back.

The mass within American Leftism will fracture over the 2018 midterm election cycle: die-hard Marxist shits will be left out in the cold and the DSA folks (I see ya, red rose labour folks… hi! 😜) struggling over the rift and process-trusting neo-liberals flock like geese to the calls of pundits and media and mags for another uphill electoral challenge.   Protesting in general might alter course–going on about traditional things.  Like, you know, what were those things called again?  Oh yeah… issues.   And protest organizers–those of the more organized variety–may even be more forceful at keeping the little shit-stirrers out.   You don’t need any more embarrassing YouTube video clips of AntiFa protestors chanting “NO USA AT ALL“.

Don’t Worry, Centrism Is Still Dead

I fully recognize next year’s election cycle for what it is.  I don’t think many of the folks who have warmly embraced political extremism and dress up as ISIS terrorists are going to drop everything and quickly embrace Americana to get through an election.   I don’t think they’re going to vanish from the street at anti-Trump rallies, and that is going to make disavowal difficult.

In American politics, physical proximity is still a sin.   Bob Casey doesn’t need to see a whole bunch of AntiFa anarchists at any of his events.  That’s toxic to voters.

This will be a shitty year on campus for a lot of you more extreme student political-activists.  Maybe you could instead run for student council and pick up on some shit the “normies” do, or get an upload deal on Spotify this year.

The Republican platform is simple.  They are going to remind everyone that leftist protestors and pundits alike cast the specter of Nazism to vast oceans of voters and they have the video footage the screenshots and the writings to validate it.   They are going to remind their core base and Trump’s voter base what the rhetoric was, that leftists living in cities think all of America between the outskirts of Philadelphia to the city limits of San Francisco is a vast ocean of Nazis.

But that’s OK.   Democrats’ prospects are not that great next year.   November 2018 won’t be long away. The second those returns come in you can put the masks back on and go marching again, comrade.

In Solidarity,