WAR: FOP and BLM Are At Each Other’s Throats


The FOP Has Scheduled An Emergency Rally

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 has sent out the following announcement to all of its 7,000 members:

It’s expected that one of the spin-offs of Black Lives Matters, a band of followers led by Asa Khalif, will be heading to the far Northeast to protest this rally being organized at FOP Headquarters.

This call for a rally by FOP president John McNesby follows on the heels of tension in the Northeast Thursday evening.  Khalif staged a flash protest in front of the house of P/O Ryan Pownhall, the officer who shot David Jones.  Khalif used Officer Pownhall’s unique surname to his advantage and public records to find the officer’s home.

Here’s some video of that protest:

Around the 12 minute mark Khalif starts getting pushback from the officer’s neighbors.   Then the cops have to start separating the residents on the block from themselves and Khalif and his comrades.

No More Cops Names To Be Released

This episode is likely to hit the gas on state action in Harrisburg to block Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies from releasing police officers names in press releases post-shootings.   This in turn will place a financial barrier in front of police reform activists who will have to resort to court filings to extract the information.

State Rep. Martina White, who represents the area where P/O Pownhall lives had put forward a bill in the state house last year to slow down the release of police officers names.


It seems as if Khalif is completely disinterested that the Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is investigating the Jones shooting and will be completely disinterested whatever the outcome of that investigation will be.   Even if Pownhall is prosecuted, the result will be a jury trial and the hot potato will land in the hands of a box of 12 people.  Will Asa Khalif call for a doxxing of all the jurors in the trial and then threaten them with Facebook-Live-streamed protests or even violence at their homes if a jury doesn’t see it the activists’ way?   This protest is highly premature and it risks backfiring.

Last year I stopped caring about the BLM movement–as in not caring what it did, where it was protesting, what is was protesting, or all the vitriol over who was getting agitated by it or for it or against it.   My caring–as in wanting to see it succeed at improving civil liberties for all–ended completely when cops in Dallas including a BLM protestor on the street were shot by an assassin who was activated on BLM rhetoric.   I was sure of my decision when I heard the response that came from top BLM figures after Dallas, diverting any questions or examination much less denouncing violence.

My feeling then was “well, they don’t need or want any white people around; it’s now a lite form of Black Separatism anyway, so meh.   I’d rather spend my free downtime shopping on Amazon.”

This does not mean I don’t care about racism and ending it.   I just consider BLM to be a movement that’s an angry pile of dogshit that will never get anything done.  It is August now and it’s BLM’s 3rd summer as a movement.

Let us compile a list of all the accomplishments that Black Lives Matter has produced so far since its birth in Philadelphia:

That is a mighty impressive list.

Similarly, the FOP’s responses to police misconduct is just as cringe-worthy as it was before BLM was ever around.  Such as throwing party fundraisers for indicted cops.   Plus some of the racist crap still coming out of the mouths of uniformed police officers.   That’s not helpful at all and gives a platform to activists to justify their activism.   Any attempt to compromise positions and either side agitates itself even more.

To make this even worse, Mayor Jim Kenney was negotiating the police contract with the FOP behind closed doors knowing full well that there’s a big desire to upgrade the Police Code of Conduct in that contract.   City Hall stayed as silent as possible so BLM and all the other activists in the city would have no idea what was up.  And they were too stupid to monitor what was going on and missed the most important chance it has to make a positive change.

It is this contract that can improve the community’s relations with the Police Department and restore the public’s trust in policing.   That opportunity was pissed away.   The Mayor deserves half of the blame for purposely staying low key.  The police activists deserve the other half; they were too stupid to not see or understand the gravity of this.

There also has not been one bullhorn held up to Mayor Kenney in public demanding answers to questions such as “why did you do nothing about the police contract?  Why did you sign a contract on behalf of all of us to keep bad cops in the Police Department?  Why did you turn your backs on us?

The activists just do not get it.  There are only two ways for outsiders to change the behavior of the Philadelphia Police Department:

  • Obtain a court consent decree.  These are always limited in scope and they aren’t guaranteed to trigger major cultural changes in policing.
  • Change the discipline clauses in the Police union’s labor contract to give more power to City Hall to keep bad cops off of the payroll.   This contract doesn’t come up for renewal again until June 2020.

Outside of these two specific things, you can activate and organize until the cows come home.  You will accomplish nothing.


I’ve steered clear from the activists.  Most of them just parrot bullshit talking points and cannot think for themselves if life depended on it.

I do not want to see Philadelphia turn into Baltimore because activists devoid of rationalism are too stupid to go after their own goals and are preoccupied listening to the anarchists and little Marxist shits among them who would gleefully see shit burn and to see someone get killed over rhetoric rather than see anything actually improving.

I must give credit to Mayor Kenney for condemning the protest at Officer Pownhall’s home.  Not only was this stupid, but the local FOP will now exert pressure on the state and national food chain to lobby for non-disclosure laws of officer’s names and retard progress, not move it forward.

Local Democrats have already done a great job sending the entire Philadelphia Police force and their friends and family out of the city’s political system.   The previous mayor threw most of the Philadelphia Fire Department under the bus.  Who’s next, the rank and file City employees?

The way forward to a progressive future for some people is to hate the cops and firefighters and to hate your long-term rowhouse neighbors who live around you because they can’t or won’t fit within your higher plane of self-important morality.  There’s plenty of hate to go around.


Because I am done with listening to far-left and far-right shit, I am disabling comments on everything including Facebook for a while.   You all can go fuck yourselves.   Go put some meaning in your life this weekend.