SCRAM: Is Philly Giving The Middle Finger To Italian-Americans?

A pile of events is starting to stack up

Rizzo defaced yet again (William Bender/Inquirer)

Rizzo defaced yet again (William Bender/Inquirer)

It’s only been a week since Charlottesville and so far the following has happened in the city:

In a search to find something local to protest about, Councilwoman Helen Gym announces that she wants the statue of former mayor Frank L. Rizzo removed from the steps in front of the Municipal Services Building.

Next, a man from New Jersey tosses eggs at the statue and is arrested.

Soon after, a former candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia in 2011 spray paints BLACK POWER on the statue and drives off.  He is arrested the next morning as a City crew blasts the spray paint off of the statue.

And today–surprise!–the Rizzo Mural is being defaced again.

Also for good measure: the annual Italian festival Vendemmia–held in Girard Park on the one Sunday a year there’s an event in that park is canceled with no action at all from Councilman Kenyatta Johnson‘s office to get the permitted event accommodated.   The reason?  “To pave a walk” is the response from the City.

The amount of angst I’m seeing online from South and Northeast Philly Italians is palpable.   There has been some chatter of relocating the Rizzo statue to the parklet in front of the Rizzo mural. What’s the point of that if the mural is already being routinely defaced?