The Gay Community In Philly Is Fu**ed


I can’t really find any other way to describe this

So let’s talk about this change.org petition.

The white owner of iCandy is trying to get a black man fired from his job

I know white people firing black people is not a new thing.  That happens every day in Philly. Hear me out.

Darryl DePiano, the owner of iCandy, has partnered with promoters to run some events at his club.  These events are going to be targeted to a black audience.  Great.  I’m certain those event promoters do not care one bit in the slightest about the drama other than DePiano is going to give access to a large space in Center City to them because the man is trying to find something to do other than to sell his goddamn bar.

DePiano also got Milan Christopher, who was in Paper Magazine entirely nude, to book his club.   That’s great.  Here’s a picture that features his dick in case you were interested.

It’s capitalism; enjoy it.

I’m not really sure if event promoters are taking advantage of iCandy’s situation that it’s in right now, or DePiano is simply buying-out black support; which isn’t legitimate support of black people… I’m not entirely sure what that relationship is.  I’m not questioning it.  That’s on them.  I don’t really care.

But it looks pretty motherfucking stupid as shit to be pushing an online petition mostly signed by DePiano’s tight “friends”, demanding that Ernest Owens of Philadelphia Magazine be fired.

This change.org petition is asking the editors and publishers of Philadelphia Magazine to fire the only gay black journalist in this city who openly writes flatly about what is going on in the LGBT community.   Because Ernest Owens dared to comment (which he is allowed to do–G Philly is an entertainment and lifestyle blog it’s not Reuters), the white owner of a gay bar who called his customers n*ggers and delivered a shit apology video now wants to fire the gay black man.

Darryl DePiano isn’t coming for someone like me because I am more than capable of burning this man down in litigation whether he starts it or I start it that he’ll lose so much money paying his lawyers, I will win.

He will not go after Joshua Scott Albert, the person who originally put Darryl’s embarrassing video on the Internet and tore open the scab in the LGBT community of what it’s like to be black and be a part of that community.  Like me, Scott Albert has nothing to lose.  He knows better than to fuck with JSA.

And yeah… you support this petition Darryl because of course you do.  You’re contorting the “STOP HATE” language the LGBT activists use as a defense mechanism to protect yourself from justified criticism OF YOU.

Your attempt to get Ernest Owens fired means he wins by default, honey

Owens himself in a live message Friday evening confirmed that the change.org  petition no matter how many signatures it gets will not be leading to his ousting at Philadelphia Magazine.

This is the same publication that ran Being White in Philly, a column about race that was so terrible it attracted international attention and not in a good way.    The idea that PhillyMag would even begin to dare consider the thought of reliving what happened to them for that bad article, only to flush a good gay black journalist down the toilet for merely doing his job?   Not happening.

This isn’t the 1980s any more DePiano where you can call up your busted friends and make people disappear and lose their jobs.  Some of your own employees might live in fear of you and if they do it’s tragic, but that’s your fucked-up world you created, not ours.

This kind of shit is making me lose any respect for local gay people in any position of authority and activism

I am NOT a millennial.  I’m 40.  I despise most social justice warriors because their demands to instantly reprogram society are ridiculous.   I own guns and I do it because a gun more than anything STOPS HATE along with a variety of other reasons which is a tangent for another time.  I am a member of the NRA.  I’m registered Republican.  I never supported Trump but the most stupidest airheaded queens come to my page and talk shit that I love Trump when I did not even vote for the orange nightmare.    Some of you have ridiculous shit opinions and you’re mad because I refuse to respect them because they’re not even remotely believable to anyone else other than your small circuit of friends.

That being said, why on earth are you excusing iCandy and Darryl DePiano?    What is the fucking reason?

I have social conservatives as friends and they have seen the iCandy crap go up in a ball of flames.   Then, they ask me why the gay community isn’t doing anything about it and why is it OK for a man like that to just blatantly call his customers n*ggers and then the LGBT community just sits around and accepts that and moves on.

Is it because Darryl DePiano supports Hillary Clinton and that’s good enough for them, so you can use the N word freely as much as you want and it’s OK, so long as you vote the right way?  Is that it?

You people are fucked.

Fucked in the head, I tell you.

Darryl DePiano putting this change.org petition on his Facebook wall is proof positive that not a goddamn thing changed

DePiano is the same racist fuck as when the video came out a year ago.   How can you argue it’s not?   From what position of authority do YOU have to say that iCandy is not a shit club?

The change.org petition was created by one of the club promoter people that Darryl DePiano is paying off.  So no, just because there’s a black face in the avatar for that petition doesn’t mean that this is not a scheme from a white guy to get rid of a black man and make him unemployed and unemployable because he wrote honest common sense opinions about how you go about doing business in the Gayborhood.

The fact that a lot of gay people in this city are just quietly choosing to ignore this?   You enable this bullshit.

The social justice warrior drama queens who are so hung up on their identities that I have to list out all MY identities to even get you to listen?   You’re a joke and this is why most of your friends are on the Internet.

To the gay leaders at my age level who are prominent in the Gayborhood?    You’re letting a white gay man run a minstrel show with black dicks at his bar as if that is in anyway, shape or form going to atone.  You have also kept your mouths shut for years when the most cringy people like Michael Weiss had prominence.   We saw you quietly usher Michael Weiss out of Mazzoni and the William Way Center.    How stupid do you think the community is?

There are gay black people who go to iCandy and black drag queens who book there.  What they do with their time is their business and that’s on them.   If you want to use that as some sort of platform to say that the iCandy blow-up is no big deal?

You are tragically mistaken.