I am GAY and I am DONE With Rep. Brian Sims


This isn’t going to be a popular post, and I’m fine with that

I realize straight-up that I am going to be attacked for my political registration, that I am libertarian, that I have very little respect for virtue-signaling social justice warriors and that I am quite centered and accepting (and pleased) that Hillary Clinton lost a presidential election.   And I will be attacked for it.   And I do not give two shits.

I’m only writing this today to explain what turned me off of State Representative Brian Sims.

I am the first gay

Let’s begin with Sims’s status as the only gay in the village.

First off: he’s not the first openly gay person that served in the General Assembly.   Sims knows this very well–that title belongs to former State Rep. Mike Fleck, a Republican up in Altoona.   Fleck came out as a gay man to his family, including his wife.  It was a bit of a forced outing thanks to an anti-LGBT political challenger.  Fleck received little attention in Philly.   Nonetheless, he holds the title of “first openly gay”.  Sims is the first openly gay elected legislator.

I ran for Sheriff of Philadelphia as the first openly gay person to do so, also as a Republican, and unlike Fleck, this time around with the full backing of the Republican Party.   I was even endorsed by Pennsylvania’s gun lobby.   Did Sims want to acknowledge that feat, that accomplishment?   Nope.   I approached Sims in e-mail several times and specifically asked him for some token measure of recognition–even if he is constrained by an ethical mess of a political party machine that would punish crossbenchers from helping one another out.   Sims kept his mouth shut and his keyboard away.  After all–you’re not really gay if you’re not a registered-Democrat gay.

And that 2015 election I was in?   The Philadelphia Democratic City Committee would not endorse a single gay person.   Not a single one.   Endorsements came only after the Liberty City Democratic Club, a PAC organization that advocates for LGBT Democrats pleaded and begged the leader of the Philly Democrats, Congressman Bob Brady, to endorse three of the four openly gay people running for office in their primary.

I attended a citywide meeting of the Philadelphia Republican Party, in Kensington, at Frankford and Allegheny… I went there by getting off the EL at K&A… and I delivered a speech to all the Republican ward leaders across the city.    I went downstairs to the bar to have a scotch while they debated my candidacy upstairs in closed session.

A while later, I was told I had gotten full party backing.     I carried the Republican ticket that year, winning more votes than any other Republican on the voting machine in Philadelphia County, including all the Republicans who hold office who ran that year.

Backsliding Ethics

I was a Democrat for years here. So let’s get into the reason why I am Republican; that’s the biggest issue a lot of progressives have with me even though I secured the most progressive votes of any Republican that has run in Philadelphia thus far.

I left the Democratic Party after living here for 10 straight solid years of watching Democratic City Committee tolerance of corruption.    Some of you older progressives have grown tired of seeing those headlines of local power Dems who are being carted off to prison.   Imagine what it was like in Philly back in the early 2000s during Mayor Street’s Pay-To-Play scandal.

And of course as a Democrat in Philly… the moment you start questioning all of this you get shushed.

  • You need to help support the cause.  (What cause is that?   Stealing money meant to go to needy children?)
  • Yes, but Republicans are just as bad. (What Republicans?  There aren’t any in Philly.  Ok maybe I’ve seen two.)
  • Republicans want to __________ (You can insert anything in that blank space including the Second Holocaust)
  • You can only make change as a Democrat here!  (Since when has there been an anti-corruption push from local Democrats?  When?  Where was there ever a protest on a Philadelphia street SOLELY about political corruption?  Show me the receipt.)

I have been given all the pitches before to stay on the Democrat Plantation.   I get it.   Those sales pitches stopped working for me ages ago.   There is shit I know about Johnny Doc, shit that other journalists also know, that I can’t post on Philadelinquency and they won’t write because the bastard will sue.   Repeat that for about 10 other prominent Philly pols.

So come on you vapid queer parroting dumbasses, make a guess as to what I think of Brian Sims after his Ethics investigation was released.

Brian Sims Tells The Worst Lies And Relies On You To Believe Them

Brian Sims finally revealed his true virtues this week by this Facebook post stolen from the Facebook page of Ben Waxman.

Waxman challenged Sims during his last re-election, when Sims had aspirations of becoming a congressman in Washington.  Waxman has a tendency to run up and take selfies with any political figure of notoriety including those whose views he disagrees with.

And this isn’t the first time he’s pulled this stunt.  Brian Sims earned not one but two Pants-On-Fire ratings from Politifact.

Here’s a picture of who Waxman has spent the longest time working for:

That is State Senator Vincent Hughes.   I have 100% proof positive confirmation that Vincent Hughes is a black man.  Sources confirm that he is also a Democrat from Philly.

Now… you young, petty virtue-signaling fluff queens:   do you think for one goddamned minute that Hughes would keep around a Trump supporter in his staff?

Do you?

Because if you do, I think you need to get your levels checked and we need to take a look at whether or not your diploma is valid.

He Hasn’t Done Much Of Anything To Help Gay People, Much Less Anyone Else

Brian Sims is out for Brian Sims.   Whoever did Sims’ coaching should be hunted down and burnt alive because I don’t remember Sims being such a shallow person when he first ran for office.

Sims ran for office because former State Rep. Babette Josephs was Philadelphia’s first virtue-signaling queen who was all talk and zero action.  Sims worked for her.    Josephs was the Pennsylvania legislator known for “where all good bills go to die.”   And this is back when Democrats actually had power and control in the state capitol.   She was an endless source of frustration for good-government people who wanted to see reforms and she would secure her position as Center City’s mouthpiece and state rep by resonating social justice messages.   She was a tuning fork for gays and poor people and loved to spar with social conservatives from Pennsylvania’s rural counties.    That’s all she did.

Sims hasn’t authored any legislation that is now law that has had any dramatic effect on LGBT, people of color, or the intersection of both.   He’s great behind a microphone–that’s about it.   If you need him to advocate and push for a law and build a coalition of support you’re fucked because the guy doesn’t know how to do it.

This is not what I wanted or expected when I endorsed Brian Sims when he first ran for office against his former employer.

Nobody needs the gay version of Babette Josephs.

Brian Sims Quit Fighting for Gay and Trans Acceptance In The Workplace

I’m sorry, but showing up at photo ops for the gay-this or the trans-that doesn’t get you a gold medal as a civil rights legend.  It gets you a few hours of media notoriety until the next click.  You still have yet to achieve anything.

Getting Pennsylvania’s version of ENDA passed would get you that award.

Brian Sims abandoned this project to go shill for the Hillary Clinton election campaign–her second failed attempt at becoming president.

When Sims abandoned Pennsylvania Competes, this is what he was doing:

Sims’ obsession with the Trump children led him to signal for a boycott of Pennsylvania’s largest and family-owned and operated brewer.   Yuengling hires gay and black people.   Sims offered no evidence that Yuengling hates gays or hates black people and has specifically terminated their employment solely on the basis of identity.   Where are recent examples of gay, black and brown people being “punished” by Yuengling?

It wasn’t even remotely similar to the historical Coors Brewing gay boycott.

This was the moment that I wrote Brian Sims off.   This petty, hypocritical signaling that Sims does all the time while he’s not doing anything in Harrisburg that’s meaningful.  He covers his salary (living in Center City has gotten expensive) by selling his mouth out for paid commencement gigs and paneling and his body on Facebook and he does the bullshit Babette used to do when she was running for re-election to cover-up for being a doorstop.

Philly Democrats overlooked all this because most of the time Sims was focused on characters that Democrats hate.   When Sims decided to apply his exact same behavior against a progressive Democrat–someone who helped DA candidate Larry Krasner win his primary campaign–only then are some Democrats now looking at Sims’s behavior and wondering if he’s a liability.

I know Sims isn’t helpful to any causes.   My state representative is John Taylor, a Republican, and he’s committed to voting ENDA through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives should it ever hit the floor.  He’s sponsored the Equality bill several times and he continues to do it each year it comes up.   There are now enough Republicans willing to pass anti-LGBT discrimination in Harrisburg that it could become law and there are committees in the Pennsylvania House the bill can go through to get around Darryl Metcalfe.   Where’s Sims?   Why isn’t he organizing for a Republican challenger to go after Darryl Metcalfe–the only roadblock in the way to anti-discrimination becoming law?  Why isn’t he signaling gay activists to?

Could it be that Sims really does not give two shits about equality—or that he might lose his best antagonist he can use to signal his followers to donate?   Maybe he’s just too stupid and doesn’t know how to play hardball politics, who the fuck knows.

What I Want

I am under no delusions that any of Sims’ virtue signaling twatwaffles are ever going to go for an out trans Republican running against him because half of those virtue-signaling blowhards are willing to ditch their virtues in the trash to save a political party seat from flipping.  That I know.

I mean, there is Caitlyn Jenner.  But she’s a “white sellout bitch and not even trans” because of her party registration.   There’s plenty of transadvocates around who still see Jenner’s utility in LGBT activism, but the party registration is the most important thing and that makes her toxic waste.

But I also know that gay people, especially white gay people—an identity group I belong to–are very apt to look the other way when an activist who gets things done is replaced by a showboater.   We like shiny objects.  Sims is a shiny object.   Plenty of gay men are too obsessed with some fantasy they have that he’ll end up naked in bed with them than to question his real utility.

The people who are challenging Sims and running against him are not happy with a social media signal poster as a state legislator.   It’s great that Sims was the “first gay”, but most of us have moved on.  Donald Trump is now tweeting about trans bans in the military and he feels it safe to do that because LGBT activists avoid looking for GOP allies.

It’s sad that much of Sims’ fanbase are vain, empty airheads who have no convictions of their own, nor can they see the forest for the trees.     LGBT activism would have gone a lot farther than it has if strategy was actually deployed to get what we want as a civil rights movement.

There are more gay people leaving the Democratic Party because showboating is a waste of time and broader concerns are more politically fulfilling than showboating.   These people aren’t just fleeing to the Republican Party, but also to the Greens and Libertarians.   I don’t think Sims understands that, or if he does he just doesn’t care.

Right now Brian Sims only cares about making his constituents believe that Ben Waxman is a Trump neo-Nazi white supremacist.


*Correction:   Earlier this op-ed said that the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee did not give party endorsements to any LGBT candidates in the Democratic primary.    Three endorsements came, but only after the Liberty City Democratic Club publicly released a letter begging the leader of the DCC Robert A. Brady to deliver an endorsement–any endorsement.