This Is Your Proof That The Black Lives Matter Movement Was Nothing


The City is quietly negotiating the Police Arbitration Contract

Several announcements have been going out on social media from the Fraternal Order of Police over the current negotiations for the upcoming police contract with the City.   This flyer that was issued yesterday from FOP Lodge 5 president John McNesby illustrates what the top priorities for the upcoming settlement are:

Do you notice something?   Or to be a bit more accurate… do you notice the absence of something?

I’ll spell it out for you in big letters so you understand:

John McNesby isn’t worried about the discipline clauses in the police contract changing because they’re not going to be changing.

The police work rules spell out the terms for how cops are managed by their brass, and under what terms cops may be terminated with limited redress.   Did a police officer rape a prostitute but the prostitute won’t testify?   Well, that’s not enough to keep that cop off the payroll.   If a cop’s piss tests hot for drugs, then that is.

The discipline clauses in the work rules speak to the very heart, the very essence and the very soul of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM nor any surrogate group is out on the streets pressurizing the Kenney Administration to reform these rules.   If the work rules were changing, then McNesby would be puffing his chest and instructing FOP members to circle the wagons over it in his contract pronouncements to his membership.  None of McNesby’s communications so far speak to any possible reformation of the work rules that determine police officer discipline.

Since the Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice nor any other BLM surrogate is making waves–and by waves I mean more than some dipshit social media post, like actual street action–I guess they’re happy with it.  Or perhaps they’re too busy scouring the Internet for microaggressions to not see the Holy Grail pass them by on the expressway.

Either way–their silence pretty much solidifies how dead Black Lives Matter has become; that they wouldn’t be around for an event like this.  The police arbitration contract is often the excuse why so many bad cops are able to remain on the payroll like crusty barnacles.   This isn’t new information to them, they know this.

Their silence and their absence on the street sends a very loud signal.