There’s Another Side to The Inquirer’s “A Heroin Addict” Story

Chris Baranowski (Facebook)

Earlier this week the Inquirer published the story of Corin Bellomia and her late fiancé Chris Baranowski, who succumbed to his addiction with heroin.

There’s a lot of different reactions out there about her story.   While touching and revealing as it is, Chris’s own brother Garrett had a different and quite visceral reaction to the essay.   I asked Garrett if he meant what he said about his willingness to publicly air his reaction, and he affirmed that he wanted it to be known.

He writes…

Do Not express sympathy or compassion for this self serving daddy’s little girl over the death of my brother.  She lived with him and was the closest person to this “addict” and DID NOTHING TO HELP HIM!  Except pretend she didn’t know he had a problem!  I can look at a junkie in 5 seconds and know they are doped up!  All she did was plan a wedding, buy a BMW, shop at Free People/Anthropologie and turn a blind eye instead of reaching out to people who loved him and would have actually done anything and everything to help him.  Chris was a great person, a musician, brilliant, a graduate of AU, had the best laugh EVER, he would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.  Read the story on, HERES THE TRUTH–when their texts went silent, IT IS [BECAUSE] Corrine blocked him from her phone, her email, her [F]acebook, Intstagram.  He wanted HELP and she turned him away [because] a therapist told her that they should not talk for 30 days[…]

He sniffed 2 bags of dope that had [Fentanyl] and had a heart attack.  THATS THE TRUTH.  LET HIM REST IN PEACE YOU F$$KING PIECE OF SH%T[, Corin].  Say what [you] want about me, I am reality.  I tell it like it is, and you tell it like it could be.  Anyone who reads this–repost it, [S]napchat it to your friends who aren’t mine, tell someone when you’re at happy hour today, when you’re passing the Dutch, when you’re on the elliptical, when you’re at the grocery store.   [I do not give a fuck,] tell somebody who passes you on the street.



Rest in peace, Chris.