ANTI-FAIL: Local Communists Make Territorial Claims

ANTIFA Graffiti

So, Apparently All the Fash Were Under 95

Who knew that the unpopulated construction area underneath Interstate 95 is the latest territorial grab by local white-Marxists?

I sure didn’t.

Anti-fascist graffiti including calls to exterminate the police have been popping up recently.  Taxpayer dollars will be spent to paint over all the markings.   Apparently this new Anti-Fash zone must have been setup to protect us from the marauding hordes of Richard Spencer followers that live in vans down by the river.

I’m guessing this is what ANTIFA is going to be sending to protect I-95 and nearby Graffiti Pier:

Maybe tomorrow it will be Black Bloc vs. the City’s Anti-Graffiti Network.