Sign Of The Times: Community Narcan Training, Jun 27


I am on the board of the Olde Richmond Civic Association*.   Our area, Port Richmond, Somerset, East Kensington, Fairhill and Feltonville have been dealing with a tidal wave of bodybags the last couple of years.

Those bodybags are being filled with the bodies of mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews.   Call them opioid addicts, the afflicted, junkies–the terms don’t matter.  The bodies on the ground do.

ORCA has made great progress working with the Philadelphia Police Department on lowering the petty home-theft burglary rate our community has suffered through the opioid epidemic.   While we found a solution for it (our security camera program), the crisis erupting all around us hasn’t gotten any better.

We’re now going to increase that level at which we involve ourselves in the heroin plague.  Several members of our board carry Narcan, the over-the-counter opioid-blocker.  Next week we will be bringing Prevention Point to ORCA to demonstrate the drug, the guidelines for using it and how you can get yourself a supply of Narcan.

Please ignore the off-the-cuff bullshit from your Facebook neighbor who has no experience with the medicine.   Come to Olde Richmond and get proper Narcan training.

Consider it like CPR training for living here, or anywhere in Pennsylvania really… since our entire state is infected.

The Narcan class will be held at the Cione Recreation Center, this June 27, at 7:30 PM as part of our General Membership Meeting.


*Per our by-rules, I need to remind you this piece is entirely mine and not the opinion of ORCA.