Seth Williams at Masquerade Party With ex-girlfriend

Judge Denies Seth Williams’ Motions To Dismiss His Criminal Case


Seth Williams faces uphill battle before trial

As the Tartaglione trial drags on, there’s a bit more movement in the other headline Federal corruption case of District Attorney Seth Williams.

In a flurry of motions from criminal defense attorney Thomas Burke, U.S. district court judge Paul Diamond rejected multiple petitions to dismiss charges the government has laid upon Williams.  The latest one involved Williams’ personal use of city-owned SUVs.

The government noted that Williams had been taking vehicles that were meant for a narcotics task force and in one instance he used a drug task force vehicle to travel to a resort in Virginia.  Williams’ objected because he himself sets the vehicle use policy for the DA’s office and that as an elected official he is exempt from an official policy that bars anyone at the DA’s office from taking city-owned vehicles for private use.

Judge Diamond’s reaction to that claim was to the point:  “I disagree.

This pattern follows through most of Diamond’s responses to the defense so it appears all of these counts in the indictment are going to get a full hearing before a jury.   Expectations are that the Williams trial will begin June 19th.