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Feds Intend To Show Renee Tartaglione and Carlos Matos Spending Habits


Living pretty well off the public dollar

Renee Tartaglione is going to be facing quite a lot of questioning over her spending the past decade.   Renee is the daughter of former City Commission chairwoman Marge Tartaglione, sister to current State Senator Christine Tartaglione and married to Carlos Matos, ex-felon and current Democratic ward leader over Norris Square.

If you’re not up to speed on what the trial is about, head over here.   The short version is this:  Renee Tartaglione was the head of the Juniata Community Mental Health Clinic. Located in the barrio, it primarily was billing Pennsylvania Medicaid for its services.  Tartaglione is on trial for defrauding the government and fleecing taxpayers.

This trial is fairly important for one reason.  The Green Party and Republicans thought they had a shot in a barrio special election related to former PA representative Leslie Acosta.  Acosta agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection to this case.  This led to an epic shit-show where Acosta tried to pick her successor, a Democrat who lives in Bucks County and was kicked off the ballot for being ineligible, leaving a sole Republican on the ballot, Lucinda Little.   Both Linda and ever-Green Party hopeful Cheri Honkala were defeated by 85% write-ins to send a Parking Authority nobody in as a last-second replacement.

Most of the detail about the trial has been kept secretive through gag orders and sealed motions, but the government has shown one hand it intends to play: where Renee was spending all that money she was allegedly yanking out of the mental health clinic.

In a filing of evidence to Federal court the US attorney revealed that it intends to show the jury a long financial history of Tartaglione and her husband Matos including their assets and spending.  One of the prominent items listed is a Ventnor shore home which the Ventnor city tax assessor pegged in the low $600s.

It sits at 6617 Monmouth Avenue, Ventnor NJ.

6617 Monmouth Avenue, Ventnor City, NJ

Renee Tartaglione’s shore home, with parking for 4 boats.

Shady, Inc.

Tartaglione originally picked up the house for $349K back in 2000.  Loads of other documents that the Federal government intends to display are related to the upkeep of this nautically-flavored vacation property.   Some of them include:

  • Blue Water Piling and Marine – for work done at the property
  • Summerdale Mills – An interior decorating company, for work done at the property
  • Ultimate Masonry – For work done at the property
  • Frank Vincent Windows & Siding – For, you guessed it, work done at the property
  • Sears Home Improvement – Is Sears a place a mental health clinic buys stuff from often?
  • Avalon Carpet – Renee still lives in the 80s and won’t let go of carpet while everyone else has moved on to wood or vinyl

Why all this?  I’ll turn it over to the government to explain:

The government intends to admit evidence showing that certain remodeling or construction-related payments that the defendant and her associated legal entities made during the relevant period of time were not related to the renovation of the 3rd or 5th Street Buildings [home of the Juniata Community Mental Health Clinic] and thus cannot be classified as expenditures made on behalf of or for the benefit of JCMHC.
During this time Atlantic County records in New Jersey showed that when Renee and Carlos purchased the home they transferred it over to a holding company called PAR Economic Development Group.   Business credit reports show Renee and Carlos as the only officers of that corporation and also the sole employees.  And there the house sat until 2013 when Renee transferred the Ventnor house back into her name.
PAR Economic Development lists two different addresses.  One of them goes to the Tartaglione family attorney.  The other, more interesting address goes to the Hancock Street home of State Senator Christine Tartaglione.  While the senator is not implicated in this prosecution, it’s rather sad that Renee and Carlos bother her all the time with their shenanigans.

Boat that’s not all

Of course there's a boat. There's always a boat.

Of course there’s a boat. There’s always a boat.

I’m guessing that the jury is going to be hearing a bit about Renee’s boat.   If any of you know Senator Tartaglione, Renee’s sister, Christine Tartaglione was injured in a severe boating accident in 2003.  Who was driving the boat?   Carlos Matos, Renee’s husband.

(Note: This boat doesn’t appear to be the 2003 boat, but a different boat.   Low-level corrupt politicians and their boats.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)