Philly cops at protest



The media didn’t want to report this

So last night at the Krasner victory celebration the assembled crowd went into protest chants that we’ve heard over the last couple of years, from Fergeson to #BaltimoreIsPhilly to the DNC protests.   “This is what Democracy looks like” got reported and retweeted by Philly journos.

But the one slogan that they didn’t want to lay on to print this morning?  “Fuck the FOP.

Cops are the enemy

I don’t think it’s much of a secret anymore that police officers and their unions have no place in the Democratic party.  Not just in Philly but in any big city in America.

To everyone who has policing as their primary issue, this is justified.  And they’re turning to Larry Krasner as a method to seek and demand reform.

To cops and their unions, their number one fear isn’t talked-about much: that the reforms will include tearing up their union contracts.


Police officer unions historically sided with big city machine politics in most American cities and particularly in places like Chicago and Philly.   They’ve gotten behind larger-than-life mayors and have gotten heavily involved at the state level to make touching those contracts a third rail of state and local politics.

But it’s those very same contracts that set the tone for how police officer misconduct is handled.   Philly’s police union contract puts most of the power for handling discipline infractions in the hands of the union and its legal team and away from police brass and the municipal government they work for.   This became quite evident under the leadership of former Philly Police Commissioner Chuck Ramsey.

The ousting of Alan Butkovitz, another machine Democrat who has been a barnacle in the City Controller’s office sends a stronger signal to Philly’s crusty old political machine than Krasner’s victory.   You put your political career at risk if you side with the status quo.   Progressives, particularly those on the far-left of the political spectrum finally turned out to the tune of 40,000 extra votes on Tuesday night, ignoring ward leaders and ignoring sample ballots.

The Brady machine can’t help any cop now.   And it’s not just in Philadelphia where this will happen; progressives are taking this to every other big city in the country.

Discipline clause rewrites

With this political defeat of establishment Dems, cops will now start to see the winds of change turn gale force.   The discipline clauses that are buried in every police union contract that give you kitten citizens oversight boards, suspension with pay and rubber-ball bounce-backs of bad officers is the ultimate goal of the anti-cop movement.   They want those clauses obliterated and accountability (and the blame) put directly underneath the control of elected folks who are then directly accountable to voters–a scary thought for any police union chief, not just FOP Lodge 5 president John McNesby.

Make no mistake.  “Fuck the FOP” is a real chant and a direct threat.

Sure, Team Krasner made quick work to try to shut the crowd up and switch to a different chant, but let’s be honest.  We know what the election of Larry Kranser represented.

You can’t hide that.