215 People's Alliance

The Prog Run-Down for DA: Everyone Is Terrible Except Krasner

I couldn’t help but laugh while reading this.  It’s shareworthy.

The 215 People’s Alliance wants to sway your opinion.  Here’s their scorecard showing how awful everyone running for DA is.  Except of course Larry Krasner.


Here are some findings — click on each candidate to learn more!


  • Worked for a corporation that profits from prisons, and has received donations from its executives
  • Involved in the mass arrests of activists at the Republican National Convention in 2000 and Occupy Philly in 2011



  • Made his personal money from real estate development, and has received donations from real estate developers and Trump financiers
  • Originally ran for DA in 2009 and 2011 as a Republican




  • Says he’s progressive, but a deeper dive into his policy details reveals only moderate reforms
  • Was Assistant DA under Philly’s “Deadliest DA,” Lynne Abraham





  • Been accused of abandoning a client who claims innocence and languishes in prison
  • Has $190,712 in federal, state, and city tax lien judgments filed against him





  • Began his young career under DA Lynne “Queen of Death” Abraham, and currently works under Seth Williams
  • Has the endorsements of multiple labor unions, including IBEW Local 98, headed by Johnny Dougherty — whose union wrote checks for DA Seth Williams’ children’s summer camp programs




  • Dismissed sexual assault charges against a man who let friends rape a sex worker, downgrading the case to robbery
  • Received donations from the Fraternal Order of Police



  • Received many out-of-state donations, including from billionaire George Soros and from other progressive donors