By estimations OPA is citing for how many First Level Reviews they’ve gotten so far (17,000), and toss in a few thousand more that will squeak in at the deadline, we could be talking about 20,000 property owners willing to challenge the City.

Out of approximately 580K properties in Philadelphia, that represents over 3% of properties in the City who are challenging their assessments.  Assuming each and every person who’s sent in reviews results in OPA admitting an over-assessment,  that’s a fantastically low error rate.

So, should AVI bellyaching Philadelphia citizenry shut the fuck up?

For many of them, yes they should.   Quite a number of Philadelphians bellyaching about their estimated tax jumps are facing reassessment hikes from the $700s to the $1,100s.   A remarkable jump but nothing nightmarish.

I’m going to show you some AVI assessments that really don’t make any fucking sense and it will probably make your AVI jump seem puny by comparison.

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