If you haven’t been paying attention to this story, you should.   It has everything that’s shitty about Philly politics all in one story, and it comes to a head this week:

  • Two felons
  • Fakers in suits and pantsuits
  • In-court drama
  • Out-of-court drama
  • Mental health clinics, but sadly nobody is a patient
  • All the candidates running for office except for 1 is a write-in
  • The one candidate on the ballot is a REPUBLICAN 😵
  • An election-day that’s likely to be filled with more drama
  • An election-eve vote counting scenario that is potentially going to have even more drama

Sadly, the only thing missing in this telenovela are hot guys with washboard abs who can’t keep their clothes on.  I don’t think there’s been a more ridiculous race for a Pennsylvania State Representative seat as long as I have lived in PA, much less as long as I’ve been on this planet.

This photo (below) was passed on to me showing that there is yet another write-in candidate who might have thrown his hat, or MSPaint-produced campaign banner, and gotten into the anything-can-happen race to replace disgraced state representative Leslie Acosta.

Why This Shitshow Started in The First Place

Long story short, and that’s very hard with this story so you’ll just have to bear with me here:  Leslie Acosta agreed to plead guilty in a conspiracy to commit money laundering charge related to a federal prosecution of Renee Tartaglione and Carlos Matos.  If those names sound familiar it’s because Carlos Matos is a former Federal felon but also a long-time Democratic ward leader in the 197th District who is well-known in Kensington.  Matos and Tartaglione are both being charged by the US Attorney over a Pennsylvania Medicaid billing scandal in relation to the Juniata Mental Health Center.  Leslie Acosta used to work there.  Los Federales accused Acosta of cashing checks out of the business and giving the proceeds to Tartaglione.  The fraud trial is expected to start this coming May.

Leslie Acosta kept the plea deal secret and didn’t tell anyone about it.   Unfortunately for her, the Pennsylvania Constitution does not allow anyone to sit in a public office who has a felony conviction.  Since her plea deal guarantees she’s going to get one on her record, that means she would have no choice but to step aside or she would be forced out of Harrisburg by the legislature who would eject her.   Acosta ran for re-election unopposed and won.   But after that, word finally got out about her plea deal.  Gov. Wolf begged Acosta to step aside but she refused.   Republicans in Harrisburg watching from afar proceeded to formally eject Acosta from the state capitol.  That forced her hand and she bowed out.   The legislature chose this coming Tuesday, March 21 to select a replacement for the district.

In a normal world, few if any voters turn up, nobody knows who the candidates are to fill-in the vacancy and the local Democratic machine usually installs some protegé of another politician to fill the role.   But in Planet Philadelphia things have gone wrong.  So. Horribly. Wrong.

He Doesn’t Live Here

Somehow the Democratic party in Philly thought it would be a good idea to allow a soon-to-be felon to help decide who her successor would be.  Leslie Acosta lobbied for a guy named Frederick Ramirez to replace her.   This photo of where Leslie Acosta’s state rep office is located tells you a lot about her chosen replacement:

Ahh yeah.   There’s Leslie Acosta’s office with her sign up on the 2nd floor and below her sign is a sign for another pill hut.  Er, sorry… did I say “pill hut?”  I meant to say “yet another mental health resource center.”    Because, you know, living in the 197th District with its shitty political representation problems can cause you to have a mental break and you might need these types of services to make sense of it all.

If you’ve ever spent enough time in the barrio you’ll start to wonder why there are so many mental health resource centers around.  I am sure it won’t surprise you at all that Frederick Ramirez also runs mental health clinics.   What will surprise you is that Fred Ramirez doesn’t actually live in the 197th District.

That pesky PA Constitution demands that you live next to the poor schmucks you want to represent in the state house.  Pennsylvania politicos have never taken that rule seriously since proving residency in a court challenge is quite difficult.   But it wasn’t difficult with Freddie Ramirez.   The Republican City Committee took Ramirez to court since in this election they did put a candidate on the ballot, Lucinda Little.   Republicans did not think it was fair that Ramirez was using a house he had converted to a storage locker around the corner from one of his clinics was sufficient for residency, especially so since Ramirez is listed in the Bristol, PA phonebook and has been a member of the Bristol rotary club for a long time.

On the witness stand, Ramirez stated that he does reside in the city–a lot.   Just not always at his house in the 197th District.   He testified that when he’s in town he stays at his daughter’s house.   The trouble with his answer there is that his daughter lives in Roxborough, which is not a neighborhood that’s inside the 197th District.   This testimony combined with 24 months of water bills showing almost no usage led Commonwealth Court judge Anne Covey to conclude that Ramirez doesn’t live here and therefore is disqualified from being a candidate on the ballot.

It also looks like someone didn’t take kindly to that news…

Threat received by Republican candidate Lucinda Little at her home (Photo: The Spirit of the Riverwards)

Too Late, Too Bad

Judge Covey’s decision threw Democrats into disarray.   What now?

After a fractious meeting at Philadelphia Democratic City Committee headquarters on a Saturday afternoon the seven ward leaders who screwed up their nomination of Ramirez then decided to put forward one of their own: Emilio Vazquez, a PPA employee.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with Vazquez as a candidate.  He lives in the district and he has a steady job.   He doesn’t have a platform or a plan for the district but that’s not a problem–the last two occupants of the 197th state rep seat didn’t either.  Sheriff Jewell Williams who is also one of the ward leaders of the district held this state rep seat for eleven years and did not write one solid piece of legislation to help the district out that entire time.   Democrats just needed a “butt-warmer”, that’s it.

The problem with Democrats putting Vazquez forward as a candidate is that his papers were filed way past the deadline to run as a candidate.   When the Republicans challenged Ramirez on his candidacy there was still over a week left to swap his name out and replace him with a different candidate.  The lockout expired during the course of the trial to kick Ramirez off the ballot.  Once that deadline passed, the state elections board would not accept any more filings.   The City Commissioner’s office followed-up with a statement that it had already started printing plates for the voting machines and was busy programming them–it’s too late to adapt the voting machines to a last-second change.

Democrats headed back to court anyway, this time praying for a miracle and it didn’t get it.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, possibly fearing future ramifications if it allowed election challenges to go on after voting machines were being set-up, threw out the appeal with a one-sentence denial order.

For the first time ever the Democratic party is forced to campaign for a seat they’ve held for over 50 years.

Progressives Can’t Get Their Shit Together Either

Besides Democrat vs. Republican court battles there was another trip to court by Green Party candidate Cheri Honkala.   Honkala didn’t get her paperwork filed correctly by the deadline and was denied a button on the voting machine.

Had everything proceeded normally Honkala would have not gotten any attention at all from local progressives over this state rep seat.  But thanks to Republicans knocking the Democrat off the ballot machine–not having that paperwork filed suddenly mattered.  A lot.

Sensing the possibility that there could be a race with no Democrat on the voting machine, Honkala and the Greens took their case to the PA Supreme Court.  They were shot down.

The Philly VOICE threw together this glowing-profile of Honkala.   It was only last year that local media only took interest in her for holding a fart-in at the DNC to get some local human-interest clicks.  [That’s a nice way of saying that most local media only considered Honkala to be a joke]

Suddenly all that has to be brushed aside because Holy Jesus there’s only a Republican on the voting machine and no one else.  Egads!

At community meetings Honkala has vowed to turn her state rep office into a homeless shelter if she’s elected.   Those will be the 6 luckiest people in the 197th District.   So if you’re homeless be sure to turn up to vote–you may win a bed!

More Court Drama Is Expected

If you think just the fight over the ballot was bad, I fully-expect there will be another battle over what happens on Election Day and later-on that evening when the votes are actually counted up.  Given that the electorate is 85% registered Democrats, the expected turnout on Tuesday will be super low and the chance of anyone winning this is the easiest it’s ever been a whole smattering of write-in candidates have surfaced.

First off: Norris Square is infamous for Election Day shenanigans.   Right around from Senator Christine Tartaglione’s house (and inside the 197th District) is a polling station where four election workers were charged and arrested for elections fraud.   This area has also been known for fistfights that have occurred outside polling stations and heavy amounts of electioneering with campaign workers campaigning inside polling stations and Spanish-speaking interpreters being accused of guiding voters hands to “preferred” candidates.   Mind you, this takes place in an area of the city where Democrats aren’t used to running with any opposition from other parties.  This crap happens when there’s Democrats challenging each other.

The second and much more likely source of court drama will be the outcome of write-in voting.   There are several scenarios that can happen in this special election:

Republican Lucinda Little could amass more votes than the total number of write-ins.  In which case, the election is pretty-much wrapped-up unless the break-down of the write-in candidates reveals one of the write-in candidates comes within a few votes shy of beating Little.

A write-in avalanche swamps the amount of votes for Little and one of the write-in candidates or more top Little’s vote tally, in which case everyone goes back to court to scrutinize the write-in tapes.

Or, and this is equally likely: a complete total shit show where Little and one or more of the write-ins amass close vote totals and it turns a three-way court battle where Little and two of the write-in candidates challenge opposing write-in votes.

Last but not least there’s one more lawsuit threat in the works.  Write-in candidate Orlando Acosta (no relation to Leslie) has vowed to challenge the legitimacy of the entire special election.  He ran as a write-in candidate when Leslie Acosta was originally up for re-election.   He contends that Leslie Acosta’s election was invalid at the time she ran therefore he should have been the declared-winner.  Because the PA Supreme Court did not weigh in on his petition he surmises that because they have weighed in on three other candidates (Cheri Honkala, Freddie Ramirez, Emilio Vazquez) they will re-visit Leslie Acosta’s re-election race.

No Democrat Poll Watchers Allowed

Oh yes, one more thing–and this is also causing lots of stomach cramps with the Democratic City Committee:   the City Commissioners has blocked registered Democrats from getting poll watcher certificates.   The reason: there is no Democratic candidate on the voting machines.   This means the only people allowed in a polling place this coming Tuesday are the election workers themselves, a Spanish-speaking interpreter and any Republican poll watcher holding a valid poll watcher certificate.

Poll watchers monitor for election law violations and report those up to the District Attorney’s office and their local party organization so lawyers can get engaged whenever there is any polling place shenanigans going on.

The Democratic City Committee went back to court to challenge this so they could get their poll watchers in and this too was shot down.

In total there have been 5 separate lawsuits over this one state rep seat.

This is the craziest local election ever, right?

Write-In Mania

Some folks have estimated there are as many as 30 different write-ins but I can tell you the confirmed total is really 6.    Here’s their profiles:

Edward Lloyd

Here’s his Facebook.

Edward Lloyd his own words:

My name is Edward Lloyd a long time and dedicated City and State Elected Committeeman 2nd and 3rd Senatorial Districts 42nd for 8 years, City Committeeman for 26 years and former Ward Chairman of the 42nd Ward, 6th and 21st Divisions some of you may know me and a few of you may have heard of me.

I still remember the words of my father Edward Lloyd, Sr.  My father said, “Son, I am a servant of the people.  An opportunity to help people means everything to me.”  When I would hear comments like these, it would only strengthen my resolve to follow in his footsteps in politics.  I knew at an early age watching my father that hard work paid off.  I shocked the so-called naysayers in 2009 when I won as a write in for Pennsylvania Democratic Executive State Committee serving the 2nd Senatorial District. This was a historic victory.  Now I’m beginning another historic campaign.  And I need you to be part of it.  I, respectfully and graciously ask for your support as the Write-In Candidate since the nominated candidate was recently removed by court order.

Presently, the Democrats cannot afford to lose this seat to the Republicans or any other party.  I have the easiest name as a Write-In “Ed Lloyd” and I have been somewhat successful in previous elections in getting voters to Write me.  In the past, I acquired the most Write-In Votes, but unfortunately I did not win enough votes to beat the incumbent. In spite of this, I never gave up fighting to represent the people in the 197th District, but with your support as the –Committeemen/Committeewomen in the 197th — Together” we can prevent losing this seat to the Republicans.  I am prepared to fight for this seat in the special election on March 21, 2017.  I am asking for your help.  Together we can win and I will not let you down.  All I am asking you for is an opportunity to serve the people.

Orlando Acosta

Here’s his Facebook.

Orlando Acosta is a perennial candidate for the 197th District.  He ran against Leslie Acosta (no relation).  After it was learned that she had secretly pled guilty to conspiracy for money laundering, Acosta filed a challenge in Commonwealth Court to have Leslie Acosta’s re-election victory invalidated.   Orlando Acosta was a write-in candidate last year and claimed in his suit that because Acosta’s candidacy was void, he should have won the state representative seat.

He has been a vocal critic of Leslie Acosta’s time serving as the 197th District state representative.

Cheri Honkala

Here’s her Facebook

Cheri Honkala is arguably the most famous of Philly’s perennial political candidates, second only to T. Milton Street, Sr.  She’s the leader for the Poor People’s Human Enonomic Rights Campaign.  An activist for over three decades, Cheri is well-known in Kensington for riding a horse at the famous intersection of K&A: Kensington and Allegheny Avenues when she ran for sheriff.

She’s also protested the lavish City expenditures put on the Pope visit by erecting a tent city and hosting a “fart-in” protest at the DNC.

While she’s the member of the Green Party and their endorsed candidate for this race, her name won’t appear on the ballot.  Honkala says the reason why is that they filed “one paper one day late” at the Pennsylvania Department of State.  For that she’s been excluded from the ballot on Mar 21.

Juan Rodriguez

Here’s his Facebook.

Probably one of the more esoteric perennial candidates out there is Juan Rodriguez, self-styled founder of “The Legend Foundation” which is a bootstrap community organization that does cleanups and helping out people in need.

He’s run for mayor in the past.

Emilio Vazquez

Here’s his Facebook.

Emilio Vazquez is the Democratic pick for the 197th District.  He’s an auditor at the Philadelphia Parking Authority and had to take a furlough from his job.

Vazquez doesn’t have a platform or anything other than “he’s a Democrat,”which in this district is the functional equivalent of saying “I breathe oxygen and convert it to carbon dioxide.”

We’re all willing to bet just about everyone running as a write-in except Honkala is also a Democrat or will behave like one when elected, so if anyone had any suspicions that an anti-immigration activist from the Bible Belt were somehow in this race, you’d have a greater chance of encountering the Chupacabra.

The district itself is 85% Democrat and even the Republican candidate on the machine was a Democrat for decades.

If you elect Vazquez, the Parking Authority CEO Clarena Tolson (we all love her) will have to find a 20-something Democrat who has some relationship to a Democratic ward leader to replace him with.  Maybe Vazquez will pick his successor like Acosta did?

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Brett Eldredge GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Remember this Inky story about Clarena Tolson, who’s head of the Parking Authority?

She’s also on the board of SEPTA.

Tolson’s last two appointments also made headlines.   She ran the City mail room which was so badly managed an investigation was launched.

She then went on to run the Revenue Department, the only branch of City government to actively fight the Open Data Initiative.   Their notorious unwillingness to make public records available is the reason why the former data chief of the city quit.

The last time we’ve seen a dumbshit appointment by our mayor was when he appointed Johnny Doc’s chiropractor to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  He resigned after he was swept up in the FBI investigation of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98.

DA Candidate Tariq El-Shabazz with City Councilman Mark Squilla (Public Record)

There’s something poignant about District Attorney candidate Tariq El-Shabazz’s candidacy that isn’t being talked about in the papers but it’s being talked about a lot on Facebook:  he might win.

In way El-Shabazz resembles or reflects the latest turn of political candidates to come out of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee; candidates who themselves resemble facets of the city’s malaise.  In Tariq El-Shabazz’s case it’s a mountain of tax debt he owes.  In a city where 1 out of every 6 properties aren’t paying taxes, who’d be surprised that political candidates surface also owing buckets of money? There’s also that strange petition for a protection from abuse order that he doesn’t like to talk about.

El-Shabazz has spent the majority of his career representing criminal defendants at the state and Federal level.   He’s been up close and personal counseling the folks who have a criminal past and knows the logic that besets them.

Some folks are taking Tariq’s campaign as some sort of joke, as if he entered the race as a clown-car attraction.  There’s also some gross misstatements being made privately by some fairly competent Philly journalists out there that should probably be left far away from print.   Here’s a very glaring example:

I’m going to have to take issue with this cartoon that appeared in the Star Newspapers a week ago.   The only Pennsylvania court docket filings where El-Shabazz appears as a defendant is when he was benchslapped 18 years ago by a judge in court for an outburst.  That’s hardly criminal.   He’s clean in Federal court.  Yet in all sorts of social circles I hear El-Shabazz being described like he’s had some criminal past, which he clearly doesn’t.    This cartoon claiming El-Shabazz “Breaks the Law” is innuendo.   If this is the standard for declaring a political candidate as a law-breaker, then everyone who’s ever had an unpaid traffic ticket shouldn’t serve which would leave nobody qualified-enough for office.

Hell, having loads of unpaid traffic tickets and a revoked driver’s license was the leading qualification for a Traffic Court judge.

Character That’s Only Skin-Deep?

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I’ll talk about some of the rhetoric you’re not reading in print but journalists are talking about online.   There is certainly a strong feeling that Tariq El-Shabazz’s campaign strategy to win is purely identity-based.  Or to put it in baser terms, Tariq is running purely on his skin color and he anticipates that voters in Philadelphia will choose melanin-content as the primary qualification for this job. Everything else about him is supplementary.

While plenty could feel certain that could be true, here’s what El-Shabazz actually said at his kickoff campaign launch in the Tribune:

“While some might attempt to paint me as the African-American candidate or the Black candidate in this race, I simply prefer that you know me as the most experienced candidate,” El-Shabazz said.

Until he does something between now and the May primary that makes it clearly obvious he’s simply the “black candidate” and nothing but that, you should probably keep your assumptions in check.

But Won’t He Get Clicked by the Feds Like Seth Williams?

There’s no indication that any of that mountain of tax debt El-Shabazz owes could mutate into anything deeper.   If Seth Williams gets indicted, maybe there could be some El-Shabazz tie-ins to Seth as they are close friends.   However, nothing suggests that the tax liens are anything more than just liens.  If he’s DA, he’ll be forced to pay them down.  He has no other choice.

El-Shabazz so far has refused to go into details about why he’s amassed this much debt and he insists he’s paying it off.  He won’t produce any actual evidence that he has entered into payment arrangements and is actually actively paying it down.  That my friends is a failing and his unwillingness to be honest about that question should be explored if he won’t capitulate.

The debt itself could be a distraction for him as District Attorney but I doubt it.   Former PHA head Carl Greene had a mental breakdown over personal debts that were half of what El-Shabazz presently owes, but the debt itself didn’t cause Greene to decamp the city and disappear.  The tax debt led to all the accusations of womanizing he partook in while head of the housing authority. That’s what ultimately brought him down.   El-Shabazz on the other hand launched a political campaign while his tax debts were full knowledge before he even decided to run.  They were first published here on PDQ.

So What, Then?

Perhaps liberal-progressives in particular should be a bit more forthright with their motives.  Right now they’re trying to be sneaky.  It’s very clear who their pick for DA is.   It’s Larry Krasner.  Krasner has done legal work for the Occupy movement and the local Philly BLM chapter Coalition for R.E.A.L. Justice.  Spokesperson Asa Khalif is outright endorsing Krasner and retorting to anyone online openly backing El-Shabazz.

I’m not going to replay the screenshots of the social media chatter here, but in-general the take on El-Shabazz in progressive circles is that he is a poseur.   On any normal day of the year that’s not a District Attorney’s race, plenty of these folk would actually back El-Shabazz.   It’s just that Krasner’s work history and his platform are much more amenable to social justice movements that liberal-progressives are vexed about attacking El-Shabazz, since attacking on identity would be problematic if not highly hypocritical, and so far as yet there’s nothing obvious that suggests El-Shabazz is a shallow candidate.

If anything, it’s the large number of white candidates for DA in the Democratic Primary that’s more vexing to liberal-progressives.   Richard Negrin turned in the most ballot petition signatures in the race, which signals to other candidates how much support he has.  Michael Untermeyer has the best access to campaign finance.   It’s unclear what voter base the rest of the Dem candidates will draw upon but if they don’t start to set themselves apart from each other on policy for the office, they’ll drown in obscurity.


To help with that, Philadelinquency sent out questionnaires to all the candidates this month to nail down each candidate on what their intent is if they become the District Attorney.   Several of the DA candidates have already signaled that they’re working on responses.   We’ll get to see by April 20 who can separate themselves out of the pack.

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This post is likely to confuse some of you.   To be as simple as possible, I’d like to take some time on this blog to give a dedication and shout-out to one of my two lawyers who help protect and defend Philadelinquency over the years.  Most everyone in Philly who knows me also knows my local lawyer, Jordan Rushie.  Without both of my attorneys (yes, I have two, bitches), this site wouldn’t have existed for as long as it has.

Marc J. Randazza is one of the country’s top First Amendment attorneys in trial practice.  He knows how to crush crazed plaintiffs and he’s been both a plaintiff and a defendant himself in numerous First Amendment cases, including at trial.   He’s actually the primary author behind the anti-SLAPP statute for the state of Nevada.  Randazza by the way is based out of Vegas.   I’ve had to fly him in to Philly on multiple occasions to cover my ass.   If you’re wondering why, it was over this case.

At a time when the Pennsylvania Senate was half-way considering passing its own anti-SLAPP statute, Randazza flew in to speak in front of the Philly Bar Association.  He suggested edits to its primary sponsor, Senator Farnese.   It did pass the PA Senate last year, but as all things with politics—just because a bill is popular (only 1 PA senator voted against it), doesn’t mean it will pass.   It was sidelined when the Capitol went to war with Gov. Wolf over the budget.

To give you an idea of what bullshit my lawyer goes through, let me show you this:

Now for most of my readers who don’t read legal documents all the time, this looks like a lot of legal gobbeldygook with a poop emoji.   And well… that’s exactly what it is.   This is a court filing by the makers of Purple Mattresses… you know, the people who made that clever five minute long ad on the Internet that claim their mattress is the best mattress that’s ever existed since the Universe was formed.

Well, one poor website called Honest Mattress Reviews begged to differ and offered its opinion why they didn’t agree.   And for that, the Purple people got butthurt and sued.

Given the types of plaintiffs that Randazza has had to deal with–and I follow some of the cases Randazza works on and have seen the level of batshit-crazy–I know full-well I could l be sued by Purple right now just for pointing out this very small sample of a public filing in a court case that anyone can download on the Internet from the court and read for themselves.  Both Randazza and my other lawyer Rushie were defendants in one case where a lawyer had a case of butthurt that was so severe that anyone who even wrote the guy’s name got added to the lawsuit.  That case amassed over 35 separate defendants and the plaintiff was squashed like a bug.

But I really don’t need to worry all that much about being sued by Purple over a nothingburger, because I’m being represented by Randazza.

You’d be surprised at how much stuff that’s way more germane and far less controversial than what I post on Philadelinquency gets thrown into a court case, sometimes even into a trial.   Pennsylvania taxpayers invariably suffer as a result of civil court dockets being clogged with a lot of bullshit defamation suits.  Those cases compete for judges time and it delays other far more important cases on the docket with serious outcomes.

It would be nice if Pennsylvania gets its act together and re-evaluates whether it’s worth the time to keep our civil courts clogged-up like this.  With an anti-SLAPP statute on the books it would make it possible for more journalists to defend their work at a far cheaper cost and be able to take investigative journalism risks rather than to sell one’s soul and turning their papers into click-whore sites that entice Philly residents with human-interest stories and crap news about the Eagles that’s not even worth reading even when sitting on the commode.

If I didn’t have my attorneys to fall back on, I would have shut Philadelinquency down a long time ago and taken everything I have built here along with it.

All thanks to that man somewhere out in Vegas who is taking a sip from his whisky glass right now and crafting a response to a poop emoji filing to tell opposing counsel he can go fuck himself.

If you’re facing some person or company who has serious Internet butthurt and it’s heading to court, give this man a call.


Welp.  This didn’t take a mind reader to predict.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has now ruled in a per curiam order in the last hour that Lucinda Little will be the only candidate on the ballot in the 197th District election.  Democrats went to court hoping the court would split on partisan lines and add to the ballot Emilio Vazquez, a PPA employee after ward-selected candidate Fred Ramirez was thrown off the ballot for not living in the 197th District.   Democrats have been in chaos ever since Republicans challenged Ramirez on his residency and was disqualified.

As Little is a Republican, this means there will be no Democrat listed on the ballot for the May 21 special election to replace disgraced former state representative Leslie Acosta.   There are no other candidates on the ballot.

Some local unions have already sensed the likely outcome of the special election and are placing bets.  The International Association of Firefighers Local 22 endorsed Lucinda Little this week.

(If you are new to this drama and are totally confused how this happened, turn here)

Given the situation with this special election and that the 197th District is 85% Democratic in voter registration, there are six and possibly even more write-in candidates hoping to have a crack at the state rep seat.

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