I run posts about a Democrat who doesn’t live in North Philly who wants to be the 3rd person in a row to walk into a State House Rep. seat in disgrace in North Philly and he doesn’t live in the district he wants to represent (the previous two occupants got convicted). Nobody cares. You also won’t care that this same dude also heads up Stenton charter school (remember charter schools? Don’t you hate those?) and there’s a wrongful-termination suit outstanding that also claims he’s being investigated by the FBI. That’s been covered here and by 2 other outlets. But of course you don’t give two shits—you’re too stupid to contemplate it.

But now… some dipshit comes out with a font with boards on it (I’m not even going to satisfy you with a link to anything about it–tough shit.) and you all lose your fucking minds. How much of a fucking simpleton are you? Not only are you whiny, you are weak. And your priorities are FUCKED UP. Go piss yourselves over a fucking font while yet another charlatan takes office over the poorest district in Philly, collects a check and does not give two shits about anyone he claims to represent.

You are fucking MORONS.