This didn’t take long.


Some of you might remember from last year the case of Tony Soto, a fire marshal* who became a 5 second sensation for this video he filmed of a stop by the Philadelphia Police.

Soto was pulled over for tinted windows.  Soto claimed he had a valid reason for the tint and permission from PennDOT to have tint on his vehicle.

6ABC wasn’t the only media outlet that Soto made the rounds with.   Here’s Tony Soto on the Solomon Jones WAKE UP WITH WURD program on AM 900 where he gives out advice on Terry stops:


Tony Soto got a little bit more cred with this stop by Philadelphia Police in August of last year.

Just one minute into turning his ignition, Philadelphia Police pulled him over again and repeated the same questioning from his earlier stop.


Tony Soto: Master Baiter

This time however it seems that Soto has got a problem…

It seems Soto has been very good at baiting people to follow him on social media.   Soto has both a state and Federal conviction history.   Soto was sentenced in 2007 in Federal court for 33 months on charges of straw purchasing of firearms.

In this latest arrest outside Soto’s Oxford Circle home, a female inside Soto’s house exited the home and allegedly handed Soto a firearm.    Federal law prohibits convicted felons from ever possessing a firearm for life.   He is facing several VUFA charges.   The female was arrested as well.

Even if you have a tinfoil hat on your head the size of a 1980’s satellite dish, you know the police also recovered the gun… so let’s assume there’s a physical gun lying around with Soto’s fresh prints on it.

Police have a right to be concerned about Soto.  The Fraternal Order of Police became alarmed after Soto gained loads of attention on his first viral stop.  He presented officers a laminated card that says he is a fire marshal in Montgomery County.   The FOP says he is lying.   He also says PennDOT granted him a certificate to be able to tint his windows.  That also doesn’t seem to hold up and Soto has done nothing to dissuade doubters.

This time around however Soto held a loaded firearm in his hands in plain view of an undercover officer.  That earned him his new arrest and bail set at $300,000 to get the 10% required to release him from CFCF.   His mother tried to set up a GoFundMe but it didn’t last long before it was taken down.

Does Anyone Believe His Shit?

After watching Soto’s videos it’s pretty obvious Soto has attracted a lot of attention from police.  And I mean a lot.   Tony however seems to relish in baiting cops–diverting their attention away from patrol and on to him in a high-stakes game where both sides are trolling each other.

Soto styles himself on Facebook as a civil rights activist.   I’ve been curious as to which civil right Mr. Soto is an activist about.   Is it to return Second Amendment rights to ex-felons?   The right to tint your windows black?

I really wonder if anyone can honestly say what civil right Tony Soto is championing.

* 6ABC wasn’t convinced that Soto is really a volunteer firefighter and Soto didn’t do much in the way of offering evidence of his employment when interviewed.