Gov. Wolf and Bob Brady seem far more worried about the timing of an expected election than they are about ethics.

State Rep. Leslie Acosta who represents part of North Philadelphia is going to be convicted.  This much is certain.

What happens when a Harrisburg legislator is convicted while in office?  Well, they have to give that office up.  That creates a vacancy and forces a special election.

Except that in special election situations it is the official party who picks the endorsed replacement to fill a role, and timing is everything.

And the only reason why Gov. Wolf and Bob Brady, who runs the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee are so prompt to call Acosta to the carpet is timing.

If Leslie Acosta resigns right now, there’s enough time to fold the replacement into a special election that could be had during the upcoming U.S Presidential Election.  When her term expires, the temp filling the spot would be running for re-election.  If for whatever reason it takes ages to get her officially convicted–the act that would force her out of her state rep. seat against her will–then Acosta’s seat wouldn’t become available until next year when there’s few other exciting elections going on that local media could focus harder on the district in North Philadelphia.

This district has also had quite a legacy.   Current-Sheriff Jewell Williams occupied this seat and faced a sexual harassment complaint filed against him by a former staffer.

Another occupant was J.P. Miranda who was charged with corruption for having a ghost employee on his state office payroll.

And now we have Leslie Acosta who has now been connected to a Medicaid billing fruad scheme carried out by fellow Kensington ward leader Carlos Matos.

So… does it matter if she leaves now or next spring?  Not likely.   It’s not like she’s ever going to write groundbreaking legislation in Harrisburg, much less anyone else who has occupied the seat in the last 15+ years.

Oh, and not that this is significant or anything, but the district looks like a seated cartoon giraffe taking a dump.

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