An interesting twist appeared a few days ago, covered by the Daily News and Metro.   Richard Knellinger who owns Giamari Furniture has been arrested on perjury to a grand jury last week.   The DA’s office won’t say what he purjured himself on in his grand jury testimony.

2441 Kensington Avenue. The back of this furniture store is where 2 Philadelphia firefighters died when a portion of wall from the Thomas Buck Hosiery Building collapsed.

What makes this even more unusual is that it was members of the ATF who arrested Richard.

Next week marks the 1 year anniversary when neighbors near the Thomas Bucks Hosiery factory submitted complaints about the building to L&I, demanding that the complex be sealed.

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Ruth Lichtenstein, publisher of Hamodia and wife of Michael Lichtenstein, owner of the Thomas Buck Hosiery Factory which burned to the ground

I’ve been remiss to bring you an update on the Kensington fire.

Recall back in April of this year, a massive 5 story complex the size of a city block went up in smoke.   Several months prior to that, myself and other residents near the factory complex had complained of L&I (Phila. Department of Licenses & Inspections) violations at the Thomas Buck Hosiery Factory.   L&I made trips to the site, sent out NOVs (Notice of Violations), and without warning, the whole complex went up in flames.

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Poor Queen Village can’t catch a break with the Lorenzo’s Fire, and this nasty hunk also in the neighborhood (below).   Let’s get right down to it:

207 MONROE – a/k/a “The Tarpadelphia”

This piece of shit is owned by Queen’s Mews West, LP with this Brooklyn address (Google map):

301 Washington Ave,  Brooklyn, NY 11205

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I couldn’t help this morning but to speak a little about AVI while testifying for Councilwoman Sanchez’s bill (120229) which beefs up the blight provisions in the Property Maintenance code.  SEIU 32BJ, the building maintenance union for the School District was present in the room, who have been theatenend with an entire dissolution of their union and the loss of all of their jobs to save some quick bucks at the SDP.

A Chestnut Hill developer threatened City Council with pulling the plug on a development project and also possible layoffs of his own workers as a result of what will happen to their tax bill come AVI.

Honestly, this cacophony of angry voices will only grow louder and louder until the explosion in the fall when the OPA assessment notices and the BRT bills come out in the mail.

It boils down to this:  If you don’t put the fear of the Living God into property miscreants who fumb their noses at the City and throw the dunning letters in the trash; if you don’t strip their deeds and sell their investment property for a song and kill their profit potential, you won’t get the compliance you seek.

Come on Michael Nutter.   $94MM doesn’t even begin to cover the crevasse that’s at the SRC.   Do the right thing:   withhold funds.   Let the SRC default on its pension debt and obligations.   This is Harrisburg’s entity, let Corbett save it.   Corbett bailed out the City of Harrisburg, he’ll quietly bail out the SDP, too.

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The case Fellheimer & Eichen filed against Michael Lichtenstein has come to a rapid end.

Thomas Buck Hosiery Right After The Fire

In case you forgot, this was over legal bills that Lichtenstein (underneath 728 Market St, LP) rang up and then failed to pay.

F&E represented Michael Lichtenstein in another lawfirm-suit, when Klehr (the zoning attorneys to the stars) sued 728 Market St.   F&E also defended him against a sprinkler contractor, etc. etc.

Life has not been to kind to our favorite Brooklyn-based slumlord since the Buck Hosiery fire.   With the order sent to the Prothonotory’s Office, this paves the way for F&E to start looking for assets to attach that the Lichtensteins own.   And Michael does happen to have interest, mostly primary principal interest, in quite a healthy amount of real property.

I pray to God the families of the firefighters manage to get the same easy success that F&E just got.

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