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Where do you think the water in the downspout goes when it rains?  I thought so.  This property, 2366 E York, was rehabbed by lovely infamous builder Michael P. Murawski.   Yes, the same builder who’s sub brought you the Fishtown moon landing.  It already appears as if the stucco job to the wall is taking on damage, and with enough rainy seasons, will sport some nice algae colonies.

We’re fairly certain L&I didn’t look hard enough.  Maybe they should try again.

As AxisPhilly has recently noticed, the recent FBI investigation of activities at the Sheriff’s Office has expanded past the troubled administration of Sheriff Green.

For this post we’re going to go back into the past a little bit and showcase a very important former employee of the Sheriff’s office: former chief deputy sheriff Janet A. Pina.

Pina worked many years under Sheriff John Green as one of the most senior staff members on the Sheriff’s real estate unit and was styled as Chief Deputy Sheriff.   [Fun fact:  Way back in 1990 none other than  Mark McDonald who is now Michael Nutter’s press secretary wrote this piece mentioning Pina as well as Sheriff Green’s award of no-bid contractors Reach Communications and RCS Searchers, since fired after Green left.]

Their website still has 461 N 3rd as their address, but the landlord evicted them
Their website still has 461 N 3rd as their address, but the landlord evicted them

In 2003 a company called The Tyler Firm, LLC was set up as a real estate services unit, established by Janet Pina and her husband Stephen Pina.  Its own website (here) explains what the company does beautifully:

Tyler website2Janet Pina along with Patricia West (another long time ex-Sheriffs employee) combined forces to consult for the Sheriff’s office after they stopped working for the Sheriff.  After John Green left, the Sheriff’s office inked a no-bid contract to do business with The Tyler Firm [AxisPhilly].

Quitting government work and going back to work as a consultant to the same employer certainly isn’t a novel concept, but it appears Pina isn’t having good luck with it.

Janet Pina’s Home Foreclosure

Pina’s financial troubles surface in 2009 when Governor’s Court Homeowners Association sued Ms. Pina and secured a judgement to the tune of $10,000 worth of fees and expenses.

In August of 2011 Wells Fargo bank filed a foreclosure suit against Stephen and Janet Pina’s home at 415 Brown Street in Northern Liberties.  The bank secured a judgement for $452,306.02.

In May of 2012 the house was then listed for Sheriff’s Sale and put out to auction according to court records.  Despite that, the deed is showing that possession reverted to Wells Fargo.  Whether the auction failed or the Sheriff’s office actually carried out the auction isn’t known.   [Law.com]

The Tyler Firm Gets Evicted From Its Headquarters

Just 11 days after Wells Fargo starts foreclosure on the Pina’s residence in Northern Liberties, the landlord leasing space to the Tyler Firm sues and secures a judgement against the company and Janet Pina. (below)

It’s in this suit that reveals Janet Pina has moved The Tyler Firm into her new apartment in the historic Alden Park apartment manors in Germantown.  Further lawsuits involving Pina then start pointing to the Germantown address from then on.

IRS and PA Revenue Department Start Slapping Pina With Liens

In January of 2010 the PA Department of Revenue hit Stephen and Janet Pina for $6000 in tax liens on their personal state income tax returns.

Then in 2010, not long after Pina was sued by her homeowner’s association, the IRS slaps her with a $42,000 income tax lien against her 2007 and 2008 tax returns.

And earlier this year in May the IRS hit Pina again for another $40,000.  Ouch.

Usually when someone sets up a line of contracting work with their former employer and builds a business model around that it’s a pretty lucrative deal.  But it appears for Pina that she got swept up in the wave of Great Recession bank foreclosures that swallowed up and spat out distressed homeowners.

That’s kind of ironic given that Janet Pina’s former job and her self-made company specialized in handling those very same foreclosures.

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If it’s not one thing it’s another.

Woody’s, one of Philadelphia’s most traveled and arguably longest surviving gay bar might have hit a new snag.

Earlier this summer the new extension of Woody’s, Rosewood, was shuttered after L&I had discovered that plumbing and electrical work had been handled through Griffin Campbell Construction and Plato Marinakos, Jr., the shady characters who had their blood-soaked hands on the 22nd and Market Salvation Army building collapse.  After correcting Campbells’ work and a new round of L&I inspections Rosewood has since reopened.

But now a new problem has surfaced:   According to L&I’s website Woody’s no longer has an active Special Assembly Occupancy License.   The license which is required for bars and restaurants that offer live music, DJs and/or dancing for more than 50 people expired September 1st of this year.

Hopefully the owners of Woody’s have noticed this little slip-up and can get their SAOL license renewed before the dreaded candy stripe comes back, this time on Woody’s front entrance.


Remember the moon landing?

A Fishtown builder showing off his quality workmanship
A Fishtown builder showing off his quality workmanship

Earlier this spring, a subcontractor working for Fishtown builder Michael Murawski, who operates under Extreme Contracting got into a major dispute with an adjacent resident to four new houses Murawski was building on Thompson.  The bad behavior included verbal harassment, pushing a port-a-potty to the very edge of the property line within inches of the resident’s front door, and throwing plastic bags of human feces over a fence to land on top of the neighbor’s condenser unit.

The conduct led L&I to scour the four homes under construction with a fine-toothed comb for violations and stop work orders were issued.  The Philadelphia Police have been involved since the first day dirt was moved on the site and now that the homes are nearly finished, it still hasn’t quit.   The neighbor writes:

The harassment from Michael Murawski has escalated in the past few days coming to a head this morning. Michael Murawski stood directly in front of our front door and video taped our handy man bring tools in and out of our house. Harassing him each time saying I’m going to make sure you get a big fine! He also video taped my 7 month pregnant wife as she walked to her car this morning.

My wife called me in tears and said she was afraid to walk out of the house.

This constant harassment has been going on since January and nothing has changed or gotten better. Something drastic has to happen here, Michael Murawski has not changed his ways from day 1 til now.

In Murawski’s world, you’re supposed to be frightened when a fat-ass in a crappy truck holds up a cell phone 5 yards from you and follows you to your front door.

I was wondering what bug could possibly crawled up Mr. Extreme Contracting’s ass; and I think I might have found it.  Last month a Bucks County resident filed suit in Common Pleas court against Mr. Murawski for 11 East Columbia Ave, a new house Murawski built. The lawsuit includes a huge laundry list of flaws that cover everything from the roofing system to window gutters being installed backwards, missing shelving in the kitchen cabinets all the way down to the electrical installation.

His guys don’t even know how to properly install central air, the complaint says.

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He's got a face that looks like it wants to kill ya, for sure.
He’s got a face that looks like it wants to kill ya, for sure.

While the Nutter Administration has its scapegoat with the crane operator, I thought you should at least know that the architect who had been referring Griffin Campbell Construction, Plato A. Marinakos, Jr., just recently finished the bankruptcy process according to Federal court records dated November 2012.

The eye-popper in this list is he named his own dad as a creditor.  Plato A. Marinakos, Sr.  What a guy!

Here’s a list of creditors that Mr. Marinakos had to shield himself from.

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