You know, back in the day where we could scream “faggot” at unsuspecting children in a crowd for no reason and beat up queers in the Gayborhood.

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This post goes great with this song, too.

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It seems like the folks behind William Penn Development Coalition have figured out how to disrupt the School Reform Commission, and City Council President Darrel Clarke, by filing a lis pendens against the deed for the school complex.  A lis pendens blocks any future transfer of a property’s deed until a pending court matter is settled or concluded.

This puts a serious kink in Temple University’s interests in the site.  The university has been rather silent since it expressed $15,000,000 worth of interest in acquiring the property.

According to the PA Supreme Court docket (here), the community group petitioned the Pennsylvania Supreme Court seeking an emergency injunction to torpedo the sale of the shuttered school.  At least for now while the court case is open, the community group is winning.

William Penn Lis Pendens

This is one of those stories that truly reminds me that Jesus loves me.

The Fucking Senator

AG Kathleen Kane is riding her ass over misuse of Senate staff.  In the AG’s indictment, Leanna was quoted by staff as saying

“I am the f—— senator, I do what the f— I want, how I want, and ain’t nobody going to change me.”

Well the results are in, and Montgomery County voters didn’t like her, even though Philadelphians tried to vote her back into her job.  She’s a lame duck now and will be outta here at the end of this term.