Yo.  Ready to start calling 911 on the parking savers people put out after a snowstorm to save their parking spots?   PDQ is.    As this Drake knock-off vid from Phila. Police Dept. shows, it’s just not gonna work dealing with your savesies neighbors over it.    Parking saver culture totally depends on residents’ fear of having their face or property destroyed if they challenge someone for colonializing the public right of way.

The only cure?   Police.

(BTW, how awesome is it that the Phila. Police Dept. dissed Meek Mill, here?  Since the cops have arrested him before.)

My own block I live on never puts the cones out, but the house before the one I live in now an entire plastic playground set complete with ladder and slide would get put outside.   During an ’09 snowstorm I spent two hours digging out a neighbor’s car who needed to get to Nazareth Hospital for an emergency appointment.   Sweated all the way through my layers down to my jacket.   No sooner did I strip off to take a scalding hot shower, out the bedroom window Miss Queen of Conquering Other People’s Shoveling Jobs comes out of her house, Newport in hand, lugging the plastic lawn chairs out to “reserve” my handiwork so she could nab it when her kids finished digging out her SUV marooned behind the house under 4 ½ feet of snowdrift.

Cut to the end:   After the altercation with her was over, I launched her lawn chairs onto the roof of her house.   They didn’t come down until a hard rainstorm finally blew them off her roof and into her backyard.     This was in Mayfair where everyone has a garage and a spot behind their homes as well as the street spots.

As I am 1,000% certain the Internet will be awash in a tsunami of pictures of abandoned furniture sitting out in the snow this weekend—please park some of your photos here.

DISQUS comments are open at the bottom, you can paste your photos into the comments and the moderation filters have been lifted!

And screw you Mayfair parking saver-lady.

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Oh man this is good.

PhillyMag has this sum-up of an interview Kenney gave on Wake-Up With WURD AM900 where host Solomon Jones directly pops the question about why the building trades in Philadelphia, ages after it’s been pointed out that the trades are overwhelming white, male and live in the suburbs—are still white, male and live in the suburbs.

Pretty much a rhetorical question

Let’s give this problem a name; because this is going to last a loooong time.   It’s the Kenney Paradox.

Let me explain:

The concern over diversity in Philly’s building trades is real.   Back when the City had received strong complaints that workers expanding the Pennsylvania Convention center were dominated by white males driving out of state tags, the trades sent in Frank Keel to coddle City Council back to sleep.

Kenney’s strong relationship with IBEW98 boss Johnny Doc would lean heavily towards Kenney being persuaded against any meaningful foreceful change in how the City awards contracts to building trades contractors.   Sure, the mayor can text Doc any time he wants to and tell him “you have to find more Philly residents to get a card.”  But that advice can be readily ignored.

Diversity would help improve the City’s own finances tremendously

Out of the various trades, a busy electrician can pull in a really nice income; enough to own a Shore home and drive an F-250, much like the ones you see each morning coming over the bridges.   Changing City contracts to tilt awards to those contractors who have far more residents on their payroll than—what shall we call suburbanite contractors… aliens perhaps?–having more of them actually live in the city, or better: having more native Philadelphians supplying this labor demand would help lift some socio-economic numbers in this town.  For starters, our poverty rate.

That’s not to say that the City already gets money from “alien” workers fitting out an electrical panel.  They’re paying the Suburban Wage Tax rate for commuters–the City sees this money.  Hiring more residents to go on the payrolls however juices up incomes to the neighborhood.  It may also encourage more trade workers who live here to buy and maintain property—to contribute to urban-renewal/gentrification of a working-class sort.

One wrong move…

The trouble here is that Kenney is sort-of in a box.   Will he just appease black voters and deliver nothing of substance, or will he put pressure on the building trades council to get into the 21st Century?

Doing the former will certainly make him look the complete opposite of a progressive.  Doing the latter could set him up for another Johnny Doc planning lunch.

Welcome to the Kenney Paradox.

UPDATE:  This old dispute has brought back some old memories, while most millennials were still in middle school.   I have a gut feeling that I’m going to have to refer to this picture in the future so I thought to toss it on here so I don’t forget.

A protest from the 00's on Spring Garden street against the Carpenters and IBEW locals who are HQ'd there.  [Clipped from Tigre Hill's Shame of a City]
A protest from the 00’s on Spring Garden street against the Carpenters and IBEW locals who are HQ’d there. [Clipped from Tigre Hill’s Shame of a City]
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