Kenyatta Johnson
Kenyatta Johnson

Councilmanic privilege costs money.

The City might be picking up more costs in the aftermath of Councilman Kenyatta Johnson‘s surprising loss to OCF Real Estate developer Ori Feibush.

Feibush’s attorney Wally Zimolong has filed a motion this morning in Federal court at 6th and Market.   The tab is $116,000.



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A Kenyattagram is a fun email from 2nd District Council office of Kenyatta Johnson.

I plan to make this a recurring feature on Philadelinquency where we take a peek into the e-mail traffic of my favorite Councilcritter and what he’s been up to.

In the Feibush v. Johnson lawsuit next week there’s a whole treasure trove of e-mails over the time Kenyatta Johnson has been in his office in City Council, waiting to be discovered.

I will bring these to you, as no other media outlet will.

As I want to stretch this bit out, I’ll start off with two of them.

First up:


This is a question from then-CityPaper reporter Ryan Briggs about Ori Feibush setting up the Point Breeze Community Development Corporation.

The reason for a CDC in Point Breeze?   They can get trashcans put on street corners faster than Kenyatta can.

Here is Kenyatta panicking:


Obviously setting up a non-profit to do good things in the neighborhood of Point Breeze is a serious threat.  Kenyatta sees Ori’s move and vows to step up his game.

And speaking of:  Kenyatta Johnson uses for both personal business and also to conduct City business.   If you want to get Kenyatta’s attention and you live in Point Breeze, that’s the e-mail address you want to use for him.

Seems that might also be the case considering Kenyatta’s campaign consultant Mark Nevins offered that as a suggestion:



Fun!   I <3 this.

I will release more Kenyattagrams as I get bored.

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