So a new legal threat came in this evening…


Electrician Gianni Pignetti was angry about his name appearing on this article about the 22nd and Market building street collapse [which has since been removed].   I had mentioned Mr. Pignetti because he appears in two CityPaper articles, one of which mentions he knows Plato Marinakos Jr., the infamous permit expediter used in the 22nd and Market building street collapse of one of Richard Basciano’s buildings.

Since Mr. Pignetti doesn’t seem to understand how article tagging works (Marinakos and Griffin Campbell construction are the shady contractors, not Gianni Electric), I thought I should clear that up.

Whether Mr. Pignetti wants to deny that he knows Mr. Marinakos on the record or not is up to him; quotes appear in this CityPaper article saying that:

“Staff members met a second time with Mr. Pignetti and his architect, Plato Marinakos, and explained to them how to revise the plans to satisfy preservation standards,” said Farnham, in an email. “We have not seen the revised plans and nothing has been approved.”