So it appears the idiot from Yeadon who was a convert to Islam who likely hooked-up on the Internet declared himself part of ISIS.

You know, more stupid than this dude wearing a bedsheet from Jo-Ann Fabrics in the name of his fake religious beliefs is our new mayor, who buried his face in Obama’s crotch and instead reparroted the President’s announcement earlier this week that he’ll step-up background checks for an extra couple thousand people a year who engage in private arms transactions.

You see, Edward Archer, the shooter… has already been clicked once before for having guns that he shouldn’t have.

His gun charges were nolle-prossed away, meaning that the charges were dropped in exchange for pleading guilty to a lesser charge (in this case documented here, a simple assault).

This isn’t the first time someone who has been through the courts with guns they were told not to have has then pointed a gun at a Philly cop.  P/O Moses Walker Jr. was executed by a repeat gun offender who couldn’t put the guns down.

Another disappointing thing I also see in Archer’s court history is that he’s been in front of Judge Rayford “Aww Please Don’t Do It Again” Means.   He is by far the worst criminal court judge on the Common Pleas bench.

Welp…. Eddie your luck has just run out. You could have easily pulled off a couple of robberies and not gotten all that much time, but now you’re gonna be eating week-old lettuce for the rest of your life until you are dead.


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